Work at home Jobs in Nigeria – 20 + legitimate companies hiring nationwide

If you have spent a whole lot of time looking for that genuine work from home jobs that you can do, and you have probably found some great opportunities that got you very excited that you had to apply for it…

only for you to find out that the firm doesn’t hire people from your country or region.

Gusss! That’s so annoying!!!


Don’t give up yet. There are numerous opportunities for those who want to make money working from their home.

So long as you have internet connection and you meet the job requirements you are good to go.

want to make more money online

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a list of companies that can hire at home workers who are willing to work from anywhere?

I have good news for you! You asked for it with the response I have been getting on my email and now i have an answer for you.

In today’s post it’s going to be about work at home jobs that you can do from anywhere and some of them will even hire you from anywhere around the world.

Another great news is that you have tons of options to choose from to find a work from anywhere job.

We will try our best to provide you the most accurate information as possible but details can change any time.

And I advise you refer to the company website to get the most up to date information from the company.


So without any further ado let’s get started…

Below Are List Of 20 + Companies That Are Hiring For Work At Home Nationwide

Companies that pay you to work at home
  1. 24/7 Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant, you can also join to get a steady stream of VA work doing anything from the very basic administrative support to book keeping, email marketing, even HR work.

How To Apply:  [Click here] to apply

  1. lionbridge

You can grab the chance to work from home by joining one of the leading Professional Translation and Localization Services provider.

This company offers you online working opportunities across different country globally.

There are jobs for individuals who are ambitious who want to help our clients succeed.

Job type: Translation, Search Engine Evaluation

Job pay: Around $15 per hour

Schedule/Hours: Full-Time/Part-time

How To Apply:

Open To Countries: Anywhere

3. Automattic

This company is always on the lookout for new talent for various work from home positions.

Job type:  Graphic Designers Happiness Engineers etc.

Pay: Competitive

Schedule/Hours : Full-Time/Part-time

How To Apply:

Open To Countries : Worldwide

  1. Aim 4 A Tutoring

For this job a teaching certificate and bachelor’s degree is required to work with them, but if you have got these, then tutoring is a great job you can get from anywhere.

There are also other tutoring companies that are available to you as well.

Job type: Tutoring, Homework help

Pay: $10-$15 per hour

Schedule/Hours : Full-Time/part time

How To Apply: Send a mail to or visit their website

Open To Countries : Nationwide/ Anywhere

  1. Any Where Expert

This company allows you so that you can use mobile device to help and assist people with their technical issues.

You will be connected to people who post an issue and offer a tech support.

For this, You must have some or little experience in that field and also love for helping people. This is a global opportunity.

How to apply: [Click here] To apply

  1. Leapforce

Leapforce is really an interesting work at home job for those who are always inquisitive about what is going on in the world around them. It offers a search engine evaluation position, and you can make some real cash with this.

Job type: Search Engine Evaluation

Pay: $13-$17 per hour

Schedule/Hours: Full-Time anytime

How To Apply: [Click Here] to apply

Open To Countries: Anywhere

  1. Go Transcript

This is a Great company that offers various transcription and data entry jobs. They pay using paypal and you are paid weekly. Both full or part time work is available. They also hire in different countries.

How to apply: [Click here] To apply

  1. AccuTran Global

This firm offers work opportunities for transcriptionists, editors and translators across the globe. company work during peak seasons and hire when they have a lot of work.

Job type: Transcription, Editing and Translation

Pay: Varies

Schedule/Hours : Peak days

How To Apply:

Open To Countries : Nationwide

9. Rev

Rev is a great and cool place to work when you really need to work on your own schedule. With Rev, you can do translation, transcription, and video captioning work.

If you are interested about working from home and you wish to work at your own time, this company has the right openings for you.

Job type: Transcription

Pay: Varies

Schedule/Hours: Full-Time

How To Apply:

Open To Countries: Anywhere

  1. Honey Dollars

Earn cool cash when you watch YouTube videos, visit websites and taking surveys. You can earn cash or gift cards. This site is open world wide. Earn 0.05 to request payout in cash.

How to apply:[click Here] To apply

  1. Avant Page

Avant Page hires experts from over the globe and they have catchy  opportunities for those who want to connect.

Job type: Translation

Pay: Varies

Schedule/Hours : Full-Time/anytime

How To Apply:

Open To Countries : Nationwide/Anywhere

make more money
  1. Working Solutions

I love this company because they really help the work at home employee. They offer primarily a customer service role over the phone, and they further  give you the support you need in other to do your job well. There is even a bonus for referring someone else to work for them. How to apply:  [Click Here] to apply
  1. UTest

This company offers a variety of website testing opportunities. How to apply: [Click Here] to apply
  1. UserTesting

This company is currently hiring website testers nationwide. You will be rewarded $10 cash for every 10-15 minutes test you were able to land. No webcam is needed. How to apply:  [Click Here] to apply
  1. Xerox

Another grate company is Xerox. It offers a work at home program. Work at home roles with Xerox go way beyond customer support and can include things like quality control, tech support,  systems development, and even software programming. If you have good tech knowledge and want to work from home, see what Xerox has available for you. How to apply: [Click Here]
  1. Fiverr

Make money doing fun and unique tasks/gigs selling any service! This site is very good to get paid. You can earn unlimited income for doing simple task online of your choice. You can decide the amount you will charge to do any task. The amount of task and gigs you can offer has no limit, You can set your price from $5 – $30 per task. You get paid to your paypal account. How to apply: [Click Here] to apply
  1. Click N Work

This firm offers opportunities for data entry, web research, writing, and development. Job type: Customer Service, Research Web Design, Consultancy etc. Pay: Varies Schedule/Hours: Full-Time, Anytime How To Apply: Open To Countries: Nationwide/Anywhere
  1. WorldWide101

As their name says, this company will hire anyone around the globe, US, UK and other countries. It is an independent contractor job working as their virtual assistant. Their virtual assistance usually make $15- $25 per hour. And this company is frequently hiring. Job type: Client Service, Bookkeeping, Administration Pay: N/A Schedule/Hours: Full-Time, Part-time How To Apply: Open To Countries: US, UK and selected countries
  1. Language Line

If you have an excellent translation and speech interpretation skills, and want to make money from it, language line is your next stop. They have a steady flow of work for those who are willing to work form home. Job type: Translation and Interpretation Pay: N/A Schedule/Hours: Full-Time/part time How To Apply: Open To Countries: Nationwide/ Anywhere
  1. Analysia

Get paid $10 for each website that you test. It will only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete a particular test. This option is available world wide. Anyone can do this job. And you will be paid via Paypal. [Click Here] to learn how to open paypal account that can send and receive payment here in Nigeria How to apply: [Click Here] to apply
  1. Scribie

Scribies was formally known as Callgraph, they offer freelancers the chance to make money by offering transcription services from any location. The firm works with English- luent newbies and professionals. You can work when ever you want as long as there are tasks which is to be executed. You will get paid $10-$15 per hour and it’s via PayPal. [Click Here] to learn how to open paypal account that can send and receive payment here in Nigeria Job type: Transcription Pay: 10-15 per audio hour Schedule/Hours: Full-Time/anytime How To Apply: Open To Countries: Nationwide/Anywhere
  1. Appen

Appen is similar to Leap Force. They will hire you to do search engine evaluation. And pay up to $15 an hour simply browse country for open positions. Job type: Social Media Evaluation, Transcription,  Data, and Linguistics Pay: up to $25 per hour Schedule/Hours: Full-Time/Anytime How To Apply: Open To Countries: Anywhere

This list goes on and on there are tons of companies that hire different kinds of roles in remote positions. You can actually check up all of these companies and see their job postings regularly if that is what you like to do.


Are you still looking for More Nationwide Jobs Online?

work from home

If you are still looking for more nationwide work at home jobs, you can as well check out FlexJobs it’s a site I use and trust. a job board site that screens every company for legitimacy.

In case there is any companies I missed, feel free to share those opportunities in the comment section below.

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