Whatsapp Business App – Its Features And How It Will Boost Your Internet Marketing Business

What I am going to share with you about the WhatsApp business application for your internet marketing business is going to increase and boost the productivity in you and that of your business especially online.

But wait, do you know the business management tools for different types of business and how to make them work and integrate them into your business?

If not, you are not maximizing and using in full the potential of the business you are doing online.


Regardless of whether you own and manage a small or medium business, you need to know the business management tools for that particular business and use them in other to automate and make that business to work.


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Well, let's start by knowing what the tools for business management is.

Business management tools are methodologies, models, applications and other solution tools used by organizations to keep up-to-date over recent changes in their business activities, solve business problems and maximize business potential.

From the above definition it is very clear that it is not possible to define the business management tool without the word “application” and WhatsApp business application falls under this term application.




Outline and what you will learn:

  1. What is Whatsapp Business App?
  2. Why Do I Need Whatsapp Business App For My Business?
  3. Taking a Quick Glance At The Features Of Whatsapp Business App.
  4. The Whatsapp Business Profile
  5. The Whatsapp business Labels
  6. The Whatsapp Smart Messaging Tools
  7. The Whatsapp Quick replies
  8. The Whatsapp Short Link
  9. The Whatsapp Statistics
  10. The Whatsapp Business API
  11. What Our Future Predictions and Expectations for Whatsapp is
  12. Conclusion


So without any further ado let’s get started….

So let us answer the question, “What is Whatsapp Business App?”

WhatsApp Business Application is a free downloadable application for Android and iPhone and was created with the small business owners in mind.

WhatsApp Business App makes the interaction with your business client easier by providing tools to automate, classify and respond quickly to messages.

It is completely independent of the standard version of WhatsApp, but it works in the same way.


The goal of Whatsapp business app is linking and connecting companies, business and customers, instead of friends and family. The application is solely designed for small business owners.

Having a direct communication channel within your organization or business or clients is a solid branding and a good marketing strategy.

Show me an organization with a poor communication channel for business and I will show you an organization that is failing.


The whatsapp developers took advantage of its extraordinary success in the technical space, with a combination of its mobility function and its easy-to-use interactive framework to make it an indispensable business tool for small business owners.

Why do I need a WhatsApp business application for my business?

why do i need whatsapp business app

Due to the personal touch of its use and the large number of whatsapp users, WhatsApp Business app has a reasonable impact and use in the commercial and business space.

There is a growing need for you to learn how to use the WhatsApp business application and other social networks when you want to create a career online or increase your business profit. Whether in fashion, photography, finance or improving your portfolio.


One of the strategies of any marketing plan is to go where the crowd is and make a lasting statement, or create a reputable presence, and that is exactly what Facebook Inc. has done.

Facebook has identified the large number of users and the growing need for more personal message relationship between organizations and their customers.


The number of WhatsApp users around the world dominates many other social networks and this data is multiplying due to the recent developments and innovations of the parent body.

There are countries with an incredible number of WhatsApp users.

There are 120 million users of mobile app in Brazil and 300 million active users in India alone.

Countries with relatively low user data such as the United States of America still have 200,000 active users.


This is a very large market size and an untapped progress for Facebook to develop the WhatsApp business app in these countries for business growth.

Let us talk about some of the need for Whatsapp business app

First, the reason discussed above was popularity and ease of use.Second, companies need Whatsapp application for customer service functions.

To get in touch with their customers, the WhatsApp business app is now becoming the best tool among many.Third, as mentioned above, customers who use chat box on their website is good but most of the time users of mobile devices use their WhatsApp app.

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Let's take a quick look at the features of the WhatsApp business app

features of whatsapp business app

The WhatsApp business app is designed like the original version of the WhatsApp application, with more functions for client and customers interaction.

WhatsApp is free for users of mobile devices with Android and iOS, and also have with a web version that simplifies the role of customer service.

If used a lot, it can serve more purposes than a simple messaging application.

These are the newly added features that took it into the business space.

The WhatsApp business profile

WhatsApp businesss profile

With useful information, such as your business or company address, email address and website URL, it is possible for you to increase the reputation of your brand and increase the profile visibility of your organization for new and existing customers.

The equivalent number of users who now use the chat boxes on their website is very low compared to the number of WhatsApp users.

This means that communication with an online chat agent on a website will be a more painful process for most clients or customers compared to chatting and communicating with an already known popular mobile application.


Facebook used its development intelligence and business knowledge and developed the WhatsApp business application to keep this process short considering the potential problem.

Did you know that it is very unlikely for a customer who is on the move to be on the Internet for more than 50 seconds?

This data about the behavior of customers is the focal point of any innovation in the business world.


Imagine browsing google search engine to get contact details of an organization while walking down a busy street, any distraction or inconvenience can ruin the customer’s purchase journey.

But with WhatsApp app, full of enough information and a chat function, its business profile function can reduce the customers stress when trying to reach out to an organization.


The WhatsApp Business app also has space for someone to enter the operational days of an organization for the week, the business start time and finish time, the business type and the business short description.


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Wealth info tips label whatsapp

Labels are used to organize your contacts or chats so you can easily find them.

You can create or rename labels, just like creating a folder for a specific group.

That means you can have a label named New order, Delivered, Paid, Weekend orders, etc.


This function separates the original version of WhatsApp from just a messaging and chatting app and launches this version in today’s business space, with the interest of organizing your business task.

Smart Messaging Tools

There is no formal label called “smart messaging tools”, this is a derived term to explain the messaging tools, their functions and how it can help a business.

Below are the formal tags to Whatsapp for business official features under this category.

Quick Replies

Quick replies on whatsapp

Quick replies are a features in Whatsapp that allows you to prepare answers to frequently asked questions which prevent the same answers from being repeated to random customers

The good thing about this feature is the specificity of the keyword.

You can enter up to 3 keywords of the most frequently asked questions, so that when these questions are asked, it will be easier to obtain the corresponding answer.


You can also set the response shortcuts with any character, once the character is inputted, the relating message comes up for you to take the next action. The feature is triggered by pressing “/”.

Organizations that receive a large number of orders or requests every day can save a lot of time with this feature.

Automated messages

This is an “away message” and can be used to automate a message at any time of the day, usually outside business hours or during busy periods.

The good aspect of this feature is been able to set or plan a message for specific condition and times.

You should also know that this function does not work in WhatsApp groups.


This is to avoid unnecessary repetition of scheduled messages.

Another possibility to automate messages is to use the “Greeting message” feature.

This feature is designed to help you greet customers who send you a message the first time or no activity after 14 days.

The recipient feature can be customized to include different types of people in your contact list, outside your contacts or adapted to a specific person.

Sort Link

whatsapp short link Nigeria

It is possible to generate a short link for new and existing customers to directly access your Whatsapp business app

This is a very nice development form Whatsapp were by short links can be placed at different customer’s journey path which will direct them to your business

Customers can use this to easily reach you directly on whatsapp from their social media, websites, blogs, and other places.


This specific feature gives you an idea of ​​the messages sent. Here you can find the messages read, received and delivered. You can define how the this feature benefits your business

For some organizations, the statistical data is necessary to enable them evaluate simple statistics about their business, while some organizations do not pay attention to it.

Another feature of WhatsApp business app is the WhatsApp web function.

Although this feature is available in the original version, it is also included in the WhatsApp for business version

It is of utmost importance to the customer support team that uses desktops or laptops for daily business.

WhatsApp also checks on business that use mobile phone numbers that are connected to the business, which reduces the risk of fraudulent companies.


The WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp API is a tool designed by developers to integrate WhatsApp as a communication tool between organizations and customers to reach even greater height and lead to more customer satisfaction.

It has a high level of technical requirements that require technical specialties and is not accessible to everyone.


These recent development from WhatsApp is business, branding and marketing improvement for small businesses. It is possible that the WhatsApp business app cannot replace traditional customer service tools because initially it was not started as such.


While there is a possibility that WhatsApp will develop better versions of its business app to match other customer service tools, this is one of our forecasts for the future.


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Our Future Predictions And Expectations

we expect Facebook Inc. to launch a barcode to easily connect to traditional marketing platforms. Users can easily scan the bar codes found on the banners and billboards and will go directly to the organization’s WhatsApp account.

This reduces the time it takes to enter the URLs of the business or organization

We also expect WhatsApp to open the API of its business app for public use.

There are many customer service apps and related apps that have opened their APIs for public use.

This will encourage more user participation, increase customer satisfaction and encourage internet business marketing.


It will also be a great marketing change to make advertising possible on WhatsApp. With the increasing integration of WhatsApp into global business, we are confident that this will become an important part of the marketing mix in the near future.

The possibility of sending ads to more than 1 billion users of Whatsapp around the world.


This is probably the best thing that will happen to internet marketing, if WhatsApp maintains its status as one of the most used mobile applications.

The ease of reach and audience specificity, this will help brands to reach potential customers around the globe.


So far, for the future of marketing. What we know are already phasing out, but with a deep knowledge of digital marketing, you can easily learn how to follow trends and implement them correctly.


This is exactly what you will learn from my free tutorials, modern marketing practices, unique and effective models (no shortcuts), implementation processes.

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Do you know that most businesses use recent tools such as the WhatsApp business app to optimize the outcome of their business? And at the same time many are not.

The challenge is that technology is moving fast and making great changes in the digital space. It is essential that each company make recent changes that relate to their business.

For example, some businesses still need to understand how Instagram stories can be used effectively for marketing, the developers behind such innovations and designs are aware of changes in human behavior and its impact on businesses.

The use of this feature will support your marketing strategy. If you are not driving towards such innovations like this as a new or existing business, you are not helping yourself but rather shooting for a crash. Because technology and new innovations are talking over the world.

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