Pivot App SCAM or LEGIT Earn 4 Bitcoins Daily for FREE REALLY?

Hello, I guess that you have read about this application called (PIVOT) or you have come across it and as well have read this tagline on the Internet several times in recent days.

Recently there was a lot of noise and buzz about a new bitcoin application called pivot, They all claim to have earned a lot of money by downloading and using this Pivot application and they also offer many payment proof they have gotten from it.

I will briefly discuss what the application is about, if this is your first time of hearing about it.

So without any further ado lets get started

Pivot is a Chinese community that focuses on cryptocurrency investors.

They offer cryptocurrency markets, prices, news and real time charts of several cryptocurrencies and the latest blockchain news.

Its objective is to help Crypto investors and enthusiasts communicate more efficiently with each other and with start ups in the blockchain sector.

They received funds for investments from Binance and other cryptocurrency funds such as Huobi, LD Capital, INBlockchain, Link VC. So far, almost a hundred new companies and hundreds of blockchain leaders have opened official accounts on Pivot.

And more than 100,000 investors use Pivot to stimulate and guide their investments.

Pivot One is a great application that allows you to earn hundreds of BTC and you can as well withdraw to your Blockchain wallet.

Pivot App SCAM or LEGIT? My own review

What I think is: “As long as a platform bears its fruits it is GENUINE, when it stops paying, it turns out to be” DOWN / SCAM “.

The point here is that, on the Pivot application website, they claim that large companies invest a lot of money into it such as;

.Binance Labs
.LD Capital
.Link VC.

So, at this point you can not say that Pivot is a scam because they pay without any problem, like at the time of writing this message.

The company distributes 4 BTC daily among all users of the application based on the power that each member has collected that day. The distribution takes place every day at 11:59 p.m. (GMT +0).

After 10 hours of distribution, the amount of BTC that is proportional to the capital raised is credited to your profile wallet.

After correctly completing the distribution, at 00:00 (GMT +0), your power will be reset to ZERO. Now you can start collecting power for the next cycle / day.

You can withdraw as soon as your Wallet Balance reaches the threshold of 0.006 BTC.

While searching for an answer to “Is Pivot scam or a legitimate application?” The obvious question that should comes to mind is: “Can you really make money with the Pivot application?”

The answer is yes … of course. But the most important factor here is…

If you have a very good and large network. If you have the opportunity to register a large number of people through your referral link. You can earn 10,000 power each person you refer isn’t that good? And its Not only that, you also get 10% of every payout your referral earn.

(How to collect POWER – discussed below)

You can earn money in three ways with the Pivot application:

  1. Invite your friends to register and use the application (10,000 Power)
  2. Read a POST (100 Power) (maximum of 20 messages per day, therefore a maximum of 2000 Power per day to read)
  3. Invite bonus. (You get a 10% power bonus from all your friends you refer )

From now on, if you have no confusion about “Is the Pivot Scam or Legit application?” Let’s talk about the download and use of the Pivot:

I have shared my download link below.
You can (or may not) click on the link.

By clicking on the link below, it will make me get your referral bonus.

If you click on my download link below, you will be redirected directly to “Google Play Store.”

Now you can download the application on your mobile phone and install it.

► Download the application here ◄

After downloading and installing the Pivot application, follow these instructions:

1. First open the link in your default mobile browser.

>>> join Pivot <<<
2. You will be redirected to the Chrome browser and click Download the Pivot application button.

3. Log in with your Google profile and then continue and it will redirect you to Play Store to download the application.

4. Open the Pivot application and log in with the same Google profile that you used in your default browser to download the Pivot application.

5. Now go to the Pivot application Dashboard and click on the pivot icon at the bottom and open the Read and share for power option.

6. You get 100 Power for the article you read. You can earn a maximum of 2000 power per day by reading articles. So you have to follow this procedure 20 times and you will receive a total of 2000 Powers in your pivot profile account

7. After successfully obtaining 2000 Powers, just go to the profile and click Invite Option and share the referral link on social networks to get 10,000 power per referral

8. You can also earn by sending and posting your article or message. More people get involved with your post, up vote and share your post, the more power you earn.

9. When posting, try to select a category that contains the maximum number of users. So that a lot of people get more involved with your post. What I have noticed is that the category “BTC” has maximum users.

You can see below, after the TWO messages, have receive more than millions of POWERS, because the maximum number of people are involved in these posts. (This is just an example).

Conclusion: my final opinion on “if Pivot App is Scam of Legit?” 

My personal opinion:
I gathered 2000 powers just to read posts… and I received $ 0.05 (five cents) for 2000 Powers.

Still on the second day I got five cents for the collection of 2000 powers.

Can you really make money with the Pivot application?
Yes of course But, of course, it does not make you a millionaire, you can add it and use it as one your income stream and affiliate marketing.

If you have a very good and large network. If you have the opportunity to register a large number of people through your referral link.

And if your  post are good and important and it gets positive feedback, comments, you can earn a decent amount with the application.

I have seen that many people with a great network earn a decent amount with the Pivot application.

And as I said before. But since you are not investing money here to earn, my suggestion would be to try and see how it works for you. Without a doubt, you can rather clear your confusion and doubts if the Pivot application is Scam or Legit.

But, again, it depends completely on your decision and whether or not you should join.

► Download the application here ◄

Over to you

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