Proven way to Open a Nigerian PayPal account that can send and receive payment

Do you went to learn and know how i opened my PayPal account that can send and receive money for free?


If your answer is yes, then read on, let me take you on how to go around it and own a fully validated account of your own. I have to spend more time to write this post so give it your time to go through and digest this, so you don’t miss out. All that is required is your attention, its a 15 mins article read.

So without any further ado let’s get started….


So the question is if you can receive and send money through PayPal? And my answer to this is  “HELL YEAH!”

Although PayPal doesn’t allow some countries to receive and send money for some reasons which Nigerians are been affected and and i know this is the reason you are here right?


Am sure some of us are into online business and you are been restricted to making some online payments or transactions. And you would love to get your hands on owning a fully functional PayPal account as PayPal is one of the trusted means of online payments and it is accepted by top companies as a means of payment.


Brief description of paypal

If you are new to PayPal and you found your self reading this post let me in simple terms explain briefly what PayPal is.

Paypal is a company located in America which is used to operate a world wide online system of payment were you will be able to make online money transfer. Or rather it simply means an electronic or digital means of transferring money or making payment rather than the native and traditional paper method like cheques, money orders etc


Sending money using this system means your money will be be credited to the recipient account immediately and the person can transfer and withdraw to his/her direct bank account.


Also sending transfer or payment to your PayPal, you must have ethier your debit or credit card linked to your paypal as a means of identification and also as a backup for your funds.

You can dig up more about PayPal for more clarifications the purpose of this post is on how to open a verified PayPal account that can send and receive payment.

But basically paypal is just an online means of making payment, buying products online and other stuffs like that…

Hope this makes some clarifications? Let’s crack on…



Below is the reason to which Nigeria is still been restricted from getting a full functional account

For the reason stated above Nigeria is limited to only buying things online.

For long now Nigerians have to live with the inability to receive payment with Nigerian PayPal account. Unlike other countries.

This limitations have been a big problem right from time for us here in Nigeria, we keep anticipating when we will enjoy this full benefits. And I actually hope this limitation is been lifted soon.


As some peeps are working hard to make PayPal give us access to have a full functional account.

But this will not stop you from getting one that is fully functional as I will be showing you how I got my own personal account that has no restrictions.


This method have been used to operate several accounts which have received payment form my online gigs such as fiver, affiliate payment from Amazon, Click bank etc. And you are few steps to getting your.


I guess some of you that are out of patience as will conclude that this will be the same story of one of those VPN method or means of opening PayPal, but here is the shocker! This method does not require VPN. You login with your Nigerian IP and have a full functional account.


Are you still doubting or wondering If this is possible?

I needed to have a PayPal account so badly, I had one that I opened with a VPN back in the days but was so scared to use it because of the stories I have heard on how PayPal lock peoples hard earned money.


No matter how smart you are, one thing I can assure you is that your will get limited and later on closed and locked down simply because it was not properly created and not carefully maintained. The next question that may come to your mind now should be, how would I get a functional account.


There are two different ways i have seen or tested which some internet marketers do use to make and receive payment through PayPal. Its either this method am about to show you or through a friend or someone in any of the accepted countries who would help you run your account for you.


I used the second method up till now but I had to still dig more and finally i got what i was looking for, a fully functional PayPal account working with Nigerian IP.

hmmmm….this guy is talking too much



If you have read up till this point, that means you are really serious for this. ok lets go straight to business.

Remember I told you this is going to be free. And I am keeping it that way ok! So do not be troubled.


I should be selling this report now at the price of 10k or more because its a top demand, but I will keep to my promise because I understand the situation of things, my word is my bond. So consider this as a heart felt gift from me.


To get access to this information fill in your details below to get the download link sent straight to your inbox.


I might revoke this decision any time soon. So you have to act now

Thank me later if it actually worked for you. And I would like to get a testimony from you on how it went.

As at the time of writing this post this is what I have been using for some months now. And you can go ahead and try it out.



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Lastly a few tip on how to make money with your PayPal account.


Let me share some few tips on how you can make money with your PayPal account. For the benefit of those new to this. You can’t have an account without knowing how to make money with it. What is the essence of having one?

Here it goes



  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a cool way to make money online. The way affiliate market works in a nut shell is that you find a product that a company is selling online, you help the person sell the product for as an affiliate and you get a commission on that.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite because it is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

To get my tips and strategy on how to rock affiliate marketing make sure you subscribe to my mail list I will be glad to help you on this.



2. Freelancing

This is also an amazing system to make money online and with your PayPal account. Freelancing involves selling your services to an employer without a long term contract as simply as that.

Offering a service to get paid. I am a graphics designer and I do a freelance work on fiver which I get paid direct to my paypal. This is one of the major reason I needed a paypal account. And I am happy I did.


If you are looking for a graphic designer for any digital design work, fill free to contact me, for sure I will give you a quality service.

Do you have a skill? Utilize it and make cool cash from it. It can be writing skills, graphics designer, web designer etc.



3. Selling your own product

You can as well make money with paypal selling your own product. This method is also amazing and it really works. If you own a blog why not use it as a medium to sell a good quality product you can offer. Just like this paypal guide if i had decided to sell it on this blog


Do you get the 411 here?
Its called blog store marketing. A store on your blog and using a secured means such as paypal to sell your products sounds so cool.


There are many ways to make money with paypal but I will drop just this few here. If you want to get my full tips on how to make money online and as well with paypal and so many other WIT related information hit on the subscription button below, as I take you on a ride on how this stuffs works.


To your success!

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