New To Internet Marketing? What You Need To Know Making Money online

Are you looking for detailed information on how you can make money online, and you don’t feel like going out there with your file looking for job that never comes? Do you want to learn how to increase your income by working online directly from the comfort of your home,


Perhaps even without leaving your pajamas? If you answered yes to one of these questions or the both, you are in the right place. You probably already know that there are many ways to get what you want financially, because others have already found and have already benefited greatly.


You just need a little direction in your search. You need someone to tell you what options are available to you and how you can initiate them.


This is where this write up comes in play for you. You will learn different techniques to make money online. Some of them may take a while to learn and perfect, but others can be used today, which can potentially generate more revenue by the time the clock reaches midnight tonight.


Outline and What you Will Learn:

  •  Affiliate marketing step by step tips
  • YouTube step by step tips
  •  Blogging step by step tips
  •  Fiverr step by step tips
  • Selling Physical Products Online step by step tips
  • Conclusion 

What you are about to learn in this post are different techniques to make money with nothing more than your Internet connection and the desire to get out of your current financial situation. This list will give you an idea of ​​the most popular Internet based ways of making money available today.

Ultimately, it depends on you, how profitable you take one of this suggestions that I am going to be breaking down for you. Your ability to succeed is based on your spirit, creativity, ability to reach your target market, and perseverance. As you continue to learn from your mistakes, perfect your steps and choose to do the best you can, you will eventually win.

So without any further ado let’s get started…


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

The first and probably one of the best known strategy to make money on the internet is affiliate marketing. It is one of the most important way to make money on the internet, since you can combine it with almost all the other methods of this post.

Affiliate marketing involves selling other people’s products or services on your website, social media page, YouTube account, and others. making a commission out from each sale. Of course, this money making option requires you to have a site or create a page, and  the site or page you created provides the required information and products of the seller or advertiser you want to promote and you should also have several visitors. once you have that, you can make serious money from this.


If you are interested in the idea of ​​affiliate marketing, follow this quick step by step guide to get started:

First Step: Select the category you want to promote

This is pretty easy to do if you already have an existing site or page, since this will be relevant to your topic.

For example, if you have a site that is somehow related to financial or economic problems, you can increase your revenue base as an affiliate marketer, by promoting and selling products and programs that are related to this particular topic.

However, if you have not yet created a page or a site, what kind of products or services are you interested in?

What are some of the things you understand and can talk intelligently with your readers?

Choose a category you like and can add value to, and the rest of the process will be much easier for you.


Second Step: Create a website or a web page

If you do not currently have it now, now is the time to do it. Some options that need to be considered are the development of a price comparison site, the creation of a review site, or the creation of a discount website for products that people often buy on the internet as they have the ability to attract consumers looking for that specific items.


Third Step: Identify which products or services you want to promote

If you do not believe in the product or service of which you are affiliating for, how can you expect your reader to be? Think of the things you can recommend without problems to your family and close friends and your passion for them will show more clearly so that your reader will as well be so excited about them like you.


Fourth Step: Select the affiliate marketing sites you want to use and create an account with them.

If you do not yet know affiliate marketing sites, you can visit websites such as Click Bank,  Amazon Affiliate, E-Junkie, etc.

Each of them can refer you to the merchants  that suit you best so that you can make the most out of your affiliate marketing program. You have to pay attention to how everyone of them works and look at its impact on your potential benefit.

With Clickbank you can, for example, earn up to 75% from their products, but you can also earn more from Amazon affiliates, even if you have a lower rate of 6 -15% depending on the program you choose because they are one of the most amazing online retailers all over the world.

If you already have a successful blog or website that attracts a lot of traffic, a company could even pay you for simply promoting their brand on your website, such as the Google Ad sense.

These options are often established as pay per click where you can get a certain amount for each person who clicks on the affiliate link that is shown on your site.


Fifth step: How to choose an affiliate program to promote.

We will look at the Click Bank process because this is the site I propose you start start with. The first and most important is the commission you receive for each sale.

Focus on 60% + commissions for digital products. On average, most Clickbank digital products sell between $35 and $85. If you apply this rule,  you will earn at least $21 per sale. If you promote any physical product, they do not have a certain percentage, but make sure you will earn at least $50 per sale.

Because physical products tend to sell more than digital products. which means there is a lot of demand for physical products. This also means that you have a lot of competition and chances to sell the product. Therefore, my recommendation is to target medium weight products, but also on a large sales page. Make sure you have a long sales page and compare it to other competing products so you can see if they will convert well.


Sixty Step: Create a link for the specific affiliate products you want to promote.

After selecting an affiliate program, you must get an affiliate link for it. Simply paste it into your website, blog, or channel. If you publish it on your site or blog, add the link to the name of the program or what it represents instead of just pasting the link alone. If you use YouTube to promote the product, you can use a link such as This will make your links look more professional.


Seventh Step: start marketing your link

 Now that your site is set up and you are  ready to make money, you have to sell your affiliate products as if they were your products. Make sure your readers and followers are interested in the items, programs, or services you have chosen so they can click on them and buy them.

You should not only promote these things in your site alone, but you should not be afraid to publish with links in groups or forums that are also relevant to your target market. The more exposure you receive, the greater the chance of earning sales and money.

That’s why it depends greatly on how much you go and how much you can earn with this particular online option to make money. Seriously, the more you can draw traffic to your pages and the more time you invest promoting yourself and your market the more successful you will be.

If you want to increase your profitability, it would be helpful to join affiliate marketing forum or group in Facebook and other social media network.

With forums like this, you can communicate with other affiliate marketers who can provide you with the tricks and instructions you need to help you succeed making you to earn a higher income faster than when trying to do it all by yourself.




YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing site, and i know you already know about it. You can make money from youtube by creating your channel and promoting your company or other companies services or products, and you can as well join the YouTube Partner Program.



YouTube is like any other social networking site, but here are the steps you need to take to create a video channel worth hundreds, thousands or even millions of viewers every day:


First Step: Create your YouTube channel.

Google has detailed and easy to use instructions that simplify your channel creation on YouTube. But you must first decide whether you want to set it up in your name or your company name.

Think what you want as a trademark and choose the one that is most sensible for you. Another important factor to consider when creating your YouTube account is to choose which keywords your target market will most likely use when looking or searching for products and services that you are selling so that your product will come out in their search result list this is very important.

For example, if your videos are for personal development, some good keywords will be:

How to increase self esteem, feel better about yourself, how to feel confident about yourself and developing a self empowering attitude. Once all this logistics are removed, you need to create an attractive YouTube channel.

Choose the theme and color scheme appropriate for your topic area and make sure to upload an image that is representative of you or your brand so that viewers can connect with you.

You should also choose a video for your videos to appear on your YouTube channel, so make sure it’s one of the best. Note that this may be the reason why your target market is signing up to your channel or leaving your channel. So it should be what drives them to do what you want.

Enter the title and description using content that represents what it has to offer in a fun and interesting way. Unfilled fields need to be removed to avoid confusing the page but be sure to leave the comment section intact  as this encourages your followers to connect with you, increasing your relationship with them and as well as your sales.

Second Step: Publish videos

Once you have created your YouTube channel, you can post your videos to it. What videos do better? Well, it depends on what you are trying to achieve. In general, the shortest and high quality videos seem to have the most views.

That’s why it’s worth investing in a good equipments and allow the help of friends. Do not try to do everything on solo. And on the other hand, when making something or doing an educational video, it may take longer in other to send a full message of the information you need to pass along. You need not talk quickly or skip things in other to reduce time.

To decide which one fits your needs better, think about what you would like your target market to see and make your videos with this thoughts in your mind. If you do not know, ask them and let me tell you what to do next.


Third Step: Create your audience

As noted in the first step, choosing good keywords for your content helps get traffic to your channel, so keep this in mind when trying to target a selected group of people. Use Google Keyword Planner to search for keywords based on your channel’s niche.

Create a list of the most searched keywords. You should come with about 20 here. Then list the phrase along with the number of monthly searches. These will be the keywords. Then go to YouTube and make sure you are not logged in. We will be using the search function. Get the list you just created and write the first three letters of the keyword phrase. YouTube starts showing you suggestions. This is not a coincidence. These are keywords that other users use to search for videos.

You want to match these keywords  google suggested to the keywords in your list. These are the keywords of your target audience. And just as you publish regularly with other social networking platforms the same applies to YouTube. As a result, more and more people will subscribe to your channel because they know that you upload great content steadily.


Fourth step: Cross promote your videos

Share your videos in other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, redirect fans and links to your channel on YouTube. Encourage them to subscribe to your channel so they can easily see what you will do next.

If you do not tell them, they might not think it on there own. Let them be excited about what you have to offer and let them be part of it. You can also start a website or blog and promote your videos there. I recommend that you use WordPress for this because it is free and easy to install. However, I suggest you invest about $10 in buying a domain name and even buy a hosting for your website (you can use or they have very good prices).

Free hosting is your worst enemy, you never use it as it will flood your site with random ads and it will look extremely unprofessional for your audience.


Fifth Step: Set up your YouTube account to monetize your ads

You can take this step when uploading your video or after you might have uploaded it. although the first option is recommended, so you will not lose anything. To do this, select the “Monetize with Ads” option, which can be found on the upload screen or by going to Video Manager.

Once your account is ready to be monetized, you should also visit the Google AdSense site and create an account there. To do this, you must be 18 years old and have a PayPal account to see how you can open a PayPal account that can send and receive payments in Nigeria, Click here  So keep these in mind before you waste time discovering that you do not have everything you need.

Some ads are cost-per-click (CPC), which means your advertiser pays when the ad is clicked. Other ads are CPV ads (cost-per-view), which the viewer must see at least half of your ad or 30 seconds, whichever comes first.

Pre-roll ads are ads that play before your video and ads can as well appear at the end of your video (called  in search ads) or  (in-display ads).

Everyone has its advantages, so it depends only on you which one you would want to use. You can even decide to try some and see what’s best for your viewers. Check them and see if there is a difference in your income.


Sixth Step: Monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing

Do you remember how the affiliate marketing section of this post says that you can make money on any site? Well, YouTube is one of them. Allowing you to focus on your target market over the products and services you offer. You need to place the links on your YouTube page, which allows you to make money from selling other products.

Again, you want to select affiliate programs that suit’s your target audience. So choose the products and services that best suit your consumer to make more money. You can also sell your products and services on YouTube, where you have 100% of your income, which is also good.


Seventh step: Review your statistics and use the information wisely

YouTube gives you an analysis of your video views, so review them and see which ones are better. Also, pay attention to which videos or topics that do not generate much buzz because it is equally important to know.

The second part of this step is to use this information wisely. This means making changes to your strategy if something does not work, but it also requires that you make more videos just like the other videos that do the best and get the most attention.


Eight step: Request a partnership with YouTube

This step is Optional though. This particular step is available only after your YouTube channel has met certain criteria. Why request for a partnership? Because you have more tools to create content and you can win prizes based on the success of your channel. In any case, it’s good for you.

It’s important to realize that you do not make money on YouTube based on how many followers you have, but how many of them interact with your ads and affiliates. Although they are certainly related, they are still independent of each other, which means that you must involve your followers.

It is not enough to make them watch your videos. One way to do this is to talk about your affiliates, ads and products in your video. Make a call to action that tells your viewer to click on the links. If you do not, you may be missing a good opportunity to increase your income. So, how much money can you really earn with YouTube videos?

According to an article written by Business Insider, you can earn six digits with the correct content, like Olga Kay, but it is likely  going to cost you. On the other hand, there are many examples of twenty YouTube millionaires like Vitalyzd TV that has almost 8 million subscribers and earns a fortune with his videos.

So is it worth it? Only you know the answer to this. It is possible that you might decide that this option might be best for you as a side job or you can as well  decide and dive in and do everything possible to make your star shine on YouTube.  Just choose the option that you consider OK for you at this time.



The third way to earn money online is through a blogging. Blogging is defined as writing continuously about a topic, event or other situation and posting it online so others can read it. If you can create a good follow up with your blog, you can also create a decent income from it.


To create a blog that draws attention and starts earning profits, here is what to do:


First step: Decide what you want your blog to do

Which topic or topics are you most interested in the most? Are you a car enthusiast who knows everything and anything about cars and trucks on the road today, or you have  an amazing appetite for cooking and want to share your passion with other people who feel the same?

Some of the most lucrative niche and blog ideas are blogs about technology reviews, beauty and fashion, health and nutrition, how to make money, news blog or even teach people how to blog.

However, it is very important to only publish on the blog things that really interest you. Otherwise, you can not involve other people in the subject if you do not care about it yourself. Once you have a list of options, choose a theme and personalize it in the most specific way possible so that it resonates with your target market.

For example, if you like to cook, what style do you talk about the most? Are you a farm to table chef or do you like to cook a traditional dish with a modern test.

The more specific your topic, the easier it will be to reach the people you want to reach. To find inspiration with this, check out the related blogs that others are writing. This can help you create ideas for yourself, as well as see which parts of your blog you like and which do not, which makes it easy to create your own blog, which is in the next step.


Second step: Create your blog

If you already have a blog, you are one step ahead of the game. Otherwise, you must create one. You can do this by putting up a blog page into your website or adhering to a pre existing blog platform such as WordPress, which features easy to use themes that make the creation of your blog a breeze.

Your number one priority is to create a domain name that suits you and is easy for your followers to remember and recognize. Something short and catchy will often do the trick, Also try not to get too close to a well known brand name in an attempt to get more followers or you may have problems. If you are setting up your blog on your own you can go for  hosting companies like or which has affordable packages.

Remember that often the .com work better, because that is what most people are used to. At this point, .net is becoming more universal, so this is an option you might consider. Do you want to create a page that is pleasing to your target market and consistent with your brand. Choose the colors and graphics that are representative of your style and theme, making it easy for your potential client base to know who and what you are doing at a glance.


Third step: Start publishing

The key to owning a successful blog is to create articles that your target market might want to read which contains keywords, so it will be easier to find. This involves creating a title that will attract them and write a blog post that gets their interests, entertains and benefits them in some way, while making sure that each part of your blog has the keywords where they should be. Also, format your articles in such a way that they appear to be attractive and easy to read.

Do not be afraid to post videos or images on your blog. People resonate with different types of material, then make your blog to suit any type of reader or viewer, and that will have a greater impact on your blog as well as having broad followers

One very important thing to keep in mind is to publish regularly. Make your readers to see your name so that they feel as if you are a trusted friend and making them look forward to reading more of your posts, as if you were part of there daily life. Find what works best for you and stick to it.


Fourth step: Build your tribe by promoting your blog

Once you have a few posts on your blog, now is a good time to promote it to build your  followers. First, you want to add the right keywords for your blog and post, which contains what your target audience can easily find when they search. Second, you want to encourage them to follow your blog, offering a free download offer upon signing up to your mail list. This will help you build followers/tribe more quickly and more effectively.

Put a “Subscribe” button on your blog which will make your readers easily subscribe to receive your publications as you make them. I recommend using  , or for this purpose.


Fifth step: Monetize your blog

By implementing what you already learned on how to make money online in Chapter 1, your blog is in condition for affiliate marketing and CPC ad networks (cost per click) like Google AdSense.

In addition, you can sell your products and services on your blog and monetize it as well. If you are a freelance writer, for example, you can offer your followers content packages for their business such as their website, email or blog.


Or if you are a motivating speaker, you can offer to speak with organizations and groups, to inspire them to reach higher levels and reach higher goals. You can also create your personal e-book, and sell it on your blog to obtain a residual income that could increase over time. Be creative with the monetization of your blog and think about the infinite possibilities when it comes to making money with it.


Sixth step: Promote your blog

Promote your blog on other platforms such as your web page, social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, in other to involve others and get them know what you do. Follow and post on other people’s blog, inspiring there curiosity to go to your blog and check what is happening there.

Also since you already have content on your blog publishing the same content as a video on YouTube, is an easy way to reach more people and invite them to your blog.

and that been said, people these days prefer to watch videos instead of reading articles. Another option is to allow guests to post on your blog, making others want to be part of it. This also helps them share your blog, as it helps them get their name out, while it also helps your blog get exposed as well.

Join LinkedIn groups that are related to your niche and when people ask questions within these groups about your topic, write a blog article about it and refer them to check it out. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the field, making them more likely to buy the products and services you recommend.

Potential for profits Here is the big question: how much can you earn from blogging? Well, depending on how much your blog grows and how you choose to monetize it, you can earn more than $2 million a month, like the Huffington Post, whose main revenue is in pay per click ads.

Some blogs do not do anything because they do not induce their readers to want to take action. Remember that while having fun with your blog, you will not earn anything from it if you do not ask your readers to buy your products, buy from your affiliate products or click on your ads. Find out what works best for you and what is most connects you to your target market and you are on track to create a blog that will earn more in a month more than what some people do in a year.

Who knows? Your blog may be the next to become viral, which gives you a large annual income that will provide a comfortable life. As mentioned before, you can use the WordPress platform to create your blog for free. Approximately 24% of all websites in the world use the WordPress platform.



how to make money with fiverr

Is a website that allows you to sell your talent for profit, for example, you are a creative writer, an SEO guru, a graphic designer, a web developer.

Then you can make money as a seller in Fiverr by providing your unique and talent driven services to the people and companies that need it.


To make money on Fiverr, follow these steps:

First step: Decide what you want to sell

What products or services can you offer to others relatively quickly and for a low initial amount like $5 per gig. Any skill you possess can be easily sold at Fiverr as there are many buyers available.


Second step: Register for an account.

You can create a account using your email address, Google+ account or Facebook to log in. You just have to confirm it and you are ready.


Third step: Setup your profile

Once you have created your account, you would want to set up your profile, which means uploading a photo and telling Fiverr a little about who you are. The consistent thing in this platform seems to be that less is better. Therefore, you want to be as clear and concise as possible in delivering your work.

Be clear and straight to the point else you will be cut out. Also, be sure to use a professional looking image for your profile picture or your logo, you do not want to scare potential buyers.

Fourth step: Verify your idea.

But before you start creating your first gig make sure your idea is useful. Go to Fiverr and look for similar gigs. ( Gig is another name for the service you want to render) Make sure there is a request for similar services like yours.

Enter your keywords and see if you can find at least 3 gigs with more than 500 reviews and more than 10 orders in the queue. If you find them, then fine, it means that your idea is in demand and you can make real money with it. Now let’s continue with the creation of your gig.


Fifth Step: Create a gig.

Click on “Start selling” on your profile and create a gig. We will take this step in small steps which must be taken to build a successful gig.

So let’s start with the title of your gig. You only have 80 characters for the title of your gig. so use them wisely. Fiverr also tells you that short titles sell more, so pay attention to their advice, it is also very important that your title clearly describes what you offer. Do not use confusing titles, as this will give you many angry buyers. So you want to have a very attractive and competitive gig samples.

Once again, be sure to take a look at Fiverr to see how people perform their gigs. Use it to inspire your self and also to make reference to how beautiful your gig should be. If you can make it look better and more attractive than the other gigs that are already available, then it’s fantastic. If you are not a graphics designer then consider hiring one from Fiverr that can create fantastic images to represent your gig.

After finishing with your samples you must continue with the description of your gig. Be sure to use the format options offered by fiverr, so that it is easy to read and highlight all the key points. Explain your service in detail, what you offer for $5 and what you offer as an extra charge.

Look at your description as a contract with your customer, that defines your service. Next we recommend uploading a video. gigs that have a video tend to gain popularity more easily, because they get a better position in the search results when they are published. You can simply record yourself explaining your service, do not forget to mention the phrase “this gig is exclusively on http://www. ” and make sure your video is professional and that you do not have your bed in the background or something embarrassing.


Sixth step: Promote your gig

Fiverr makes this step super easy and, once you have all the required information, you can publish your gig through the social media platforms even before leaving your page. They have one for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or by email. All you have to do is click on what you want and they will tell the rest of the world or rather your followers, about your new service offer. Also be sure to optimize the keywords for your gig.

It is better to match the title of your gig, because this will have a greater impact. As recommended in the “YouTube” section, use the Google Keyword Planner to determine the best keywords for your gig.


Seventh step: Provide great customer service

Because Fiverr allows buyers to rate your service, you will want to be a true professional to get a higher score. Of course, you cannot always satisfy everyone, but the happier your customers are, the more jobs you will get and the more money you will make.

There is a golden rule for the long-term success of Fiverr “Just over Deliver”. Be sure to exceed the expectations of the buyer. You can do this by applying a simple trick. For example, if you are a writer and want to offer writing articles, the normal $5 word count is between 300 and 500 words.

If you write 400 words for $5, you can offer 400 words for $5 for your gig, but always send around 500 words. In this way, customers will be very happy with your service and will return. Sometimes you will surely find yourself with bad buyers. Then, you have to put your long term interests beyond your short term losses. They will be more demanding and pay less. Let a bad customer go professionally and with respect, and focus on your good customers rather.

Also, never try to please a bad customer because you do not want an bad returning customer.


Eight step: Learn from other Fiverr sellers

One of the best ways to learn is to reflect what others are doing in Fiverr that seems to work for them. Dion seems to be one of the best sellers, so you may want to see it and see what it can teach you about what it takes to be a great seller like him.

Earnings Potential You must start with $5 per gig, be on the site for at least 30 days and complete a minimum of ten orders to start earning real money in Fiverr.



Selling physical products online

Selling your products online

Another way to make money online is to sell physical products at sites such as Amazon and eBay. Even if you cannot earn enough to make a living selling your personal items, you can also help others sell there things, thus earning yourself beautiful small commission in the process .


How to start selling? Here are some simple steps:


First Step: Find a product to sell

Your first step is to find a product to sell. Fortunately, there are several ways to do this. For example, you can start by taking a look at your home and see what you do not want or no longer need to sell. Your unwanted or unused items in house, this is an excellent way to get them out of the house without just sending them to trash. The key to making a lot of money is to make sure they are still in good condition, if not excellent. That been said, some people sell broken items online because others could buy them with the intention of fixing them and offering them for resale.

So, basically, nothing is out of bounds “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, as long as you are honest and do not break any of the rules.

You can as well buy low and sell high from other people. you can make a lot of money with goods that other people no longer use or need. If you can really find a good offer in retail stores or even wholesale, you can also buy directly from them and resell the items for a higher price.


Second step: Choose a platform and create an account

Now that you have something to sell, it’s time to decide where you want to sell it. Two of the most important sites are Amazon and eBay. However, you can also include what you want to sell on (best for larger items, such as cars and furniture).


Be sure to read each of them carefully so you know in advance what you are being required from as a seller and the amount of commissions you will sell. Some even charge a subscription fee, so you should check all this before registering. Whatever your choice is, you must create an account to be able to list and receive payments. Therefore, choose the one that suits you and the ones you want to get rid of and provide all the information necessary to create a complete account.

To get your money from them, you must also provide payment information. To maintain the privacy of your banking information, you can always create a PayPal account and accept payment in this way. (PayPal also charges commissions, so you may have to consider the cost and whether or not it is selling).

An excellent way to find out what site you prefer to buy something before selling it. In this way, you can have a direct understanding of how it works from the buyer’s point of view, allowing you to take it into account when selling your products online.


Third Step: Prepare your list for optimal results.

To get good results in your ad, you want to include both the benefits and the functionality of your product. For example, the features of a television include the size of the screen, resolution and similar things, while the advantages are the ability to see the television clearer, have a flat screen that does not take up much space and see your favorite sport from up close, almost as if you were there in person. The product description must be complete.

The more information you provide about what you are selling, the easier it will be for people to determine if that is what they are looking for. Think of yourself as a buyer and include everything you would want to know if you are buying. It is helpful to be familiar with the jargon that is often used in popular sales sites. For example, BN means brand new and VTG means vintage. HTF represents a hard to find item VGC tells the buyer that it is in very good condition.

If something is unique about your product, make it known, The more you can make your product comprehensive and “one of a kind”, the greater your chances of selling it. Use keywords in your list so that your product can be easily found by anyone looking for it. Not sure what to use? Consider what words you would use to search for the item and use it. Include the brand if it is likely to make a difference.

Your product images, the more and better. Should be of high quality. If they are blurred or too far away, it will not give a good feeling to potential buyers. Also, make sure that the environment is also good because people like to buy from other people who seem to take care of their belongings. If you are stuck in any of these things, check other people’s listing and use them as templates to write yours. Be sure to choose a top seller so you know how to create an ad  that sells well, not one that is not noticed.


Fourth Step: Set the price

As for the price, this may require a bit of research. Search the article you are selling on Google and see what others are.

look for it Before setting prices, you should consider your terms. Depending on the site you want to use, you can sell your item through a traditional auction or a fixed price. The auction means that you sell to the highest bidder (and you may want to set a minimum price to avoid giving it away virtually) and setting the price means that you sell it to whomever you want for the price you are selling.

If you have a group of smaller items and you do not want to price them for a single sale, you can group them and sell them as a package. This can also attract a buyer because you will get several things for a standard rate. One more tip: some successful sellers offer free shipping as it grabs people’s attention. It is quite easy to do since you only need to add this amount to your main price.

The only warning is that the shipment will not always be the same price, since it depends on the location. Therefore, you will want to keep this in mind if you decide to follow this path.


Fifth Step: Include your product on Amazon or eBay

When you decide to list your product, you will want to time your listing to get the most out of it. For example, if you only have a 10 day window, you may want to publish your product on Thursdays to appear online for two full weekends, which will give you more benefits for your earning. Another factor to consider is whether your item is seasonal or in demand at certain times of the year. If this is the case, you may want to wait to sell it, making as much money as possible.


Sixth Step: Promote your product

Share your product on your social media sites, on the website, in the forums or on any other website that you think you are attracted to. You never know, Even if the people you are contacting are not interested, they might know someone who does and share it with them. It is a victory! Its a win win


Seventh step: Make the deal

Once you have a specific buyer, you will be ready to close the deal there. This is a good time to confirm things like the price and delivery, in addition to answering all the questions they may have. This is also where the payments are collected. It is very important that you do this before sending your goods so that you do not finish sending it and never get the money in return.


Eight Step: Deliver your product

You want to make sure that your item arrives in the same condition you left it, so you will want to pack it well. To do this, place additional padding to avoid unintentional breakage or damage by the transport company.

You can even go a step further and take pictures of your item when it is packed, in addition to the completed box to show the conditions they were in when you left it. Then, send it according to the requirements of the site, making sure you get a tracking number and insurance if you want to be safer or if the item is worth a lot of money. The buyer’s signature guarantees that he has received it and that it protects you from scammers who insist that it never arrived.


Ninth Step: Grow your product based business

To survive long term and grow on sites like eBay, you need to get good feedback from the people you sell to. Keep this in mind because every interaction you have with your clients has the potential to promote your business or break it. Keeping in touch with them at each stage of the process will help establish a good buyer / seller relationship.

Check your email often and do not make a list of things while you are going to be away for a long time, as it may seem like a bad seller.



Making money online is possible and now you have the right options to choose from. Try one or try them all and see which one suits you, your family life and your desired result

These can be your hobbies that can generate income that can help you and your family easily such as mobile app and SEO. But none of them will work if you do not put in the necessary time and effort.

There is no easy system to make money, It all comes down to becoming more efficient and effective so that it reaches you faster and with less effort. Now go out and use what you know to make money with nothing more than your Internet connection!

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