Internet and digital marketing, why you have no reason to remain broke

Being broke or bankrupt is not your fault. It something that can happen to anyone at any time. But staying broke!!! This is when it becomes your fault and its a wrong thing to blame someone or any system because of your financial situation.

While some Nigerians are bankrupt and broke, every year loads of money enter the account of other Nigerians.

According to the study conducted in the year 2016 by the National Statistical Office of Nigeria, the income of money to Nigeria was at $ 19 billion. And this is Worth trillions of naira.

Do you know that the secret of making money is not as difficult as people will always say? Its not about working hard.

What is the secret to making money?

Well, the answer to this question is about INTELLIGENCE, SMART WORK and been WELL INFORMED.

That someone is successful than another is not only about how hard the person has worked, its about how smart, intelligent and well informed the person has become.

There are so many sources of wealth around which it is totally illogical to see someone been broke and remaining broke. There are infinite opportunities that is staring at us today.

And as I said before, the way to end the been broke is not just to work hard from your normal work, but to have your own business.

Your work can generate money, but the real wealth comes from owning your business.

And the business opportunities of our days are greater than those available at a different time. Even our parents have never had it easy.

There are three fundamental excuses why people refuse to start their own business:

1. Lack of capital

this is of course the most used reason. It an excuse when you consider how difficult it is to get along. It can be painful after that business ideas come to you after a brainstorming session, and there is no money for it to be implemented.

But this reason is only logical to some extent. There are people who started business without money. Even better, there are business that you can now do without money or capital, and it can fetch and generate money as well for you to start other business.

They do exist!

2. Unfavorable business environment

This is one of the reasons given some time ago why some phones are cheaper in Kenya than in Nigeria. And it is also a valid point. The Nigerian environment hinders the growth of businesses.

International businesses men and even African entrepreneurs such as Strive Masiyiwa have also stated that Nigeria is not that good for business.

3. There is no business idea

have you seen people with real capital, but do not know which business to move into? Although this category is very rare in this modern and internet age or never the less exists. And the business idea does not just mean an indifferent idea, I mean ideas that can generate profit.

This is why a business done or connected on the internet is the key. It eliminate the first two problems stated above, If you do have business on the internet.

• You do not have to worry about capital

Most of the legal business virtually require no financial input from you. Nowadays, internet business will generate money for you, even if you do not invest any capital in it. All it needs is your time.

• You do not have to worry about an unfavorable business climate

The economic climate in Nigeria has not extended its tentacles to the online world. There is no need for taxes, staffs, distance and location factor and other likes. All you need is your laptop, your two hands and your data plan.

• You do not have to worry about a business office

You do not need an office either. You probably have everything you need: You can work from the comfort of your home.

All it takes is to find creative solutions for problems and challenges people are facing, and you do not need a degree to do that. If you want your creative juices to flow, see these common and unusual ways of filling you your pocket and making things work.

Next, you will also find a series of websites where you can earn money from your lazy chair while your bank account keeps swelling up. In combination with a series of important financial tips and some ideas to make money on the internet.

Thousands of people online are currently making money online and earning real money by simply searching websites and posting articles in seconds. It is 100% legitimate and simple that even a 14 year old can make money with these websites.

But wait, let me ask you a question,

How much do you gain by browsing fbk, making tweets on twitter or even uploading photos to your Instagram page?

Do you pay for your subscription as a result with these activities? Well no of course and that is too bad.

You have to leverage the use of internet to your own advantage.

In July 2017, there were more than 91 million active Internet users in Nigeria. If we assume the popular hypothesis that we now have a population of more than 180 million people, this means that more than 50 percent of Nigerians have access to Internet.

And out Of this category of Nigerians who are online, according to Ventures Africa, more than 32 million Nigerians have purchased a product online.

Many Nigerians do not know that not everyone who stays at home almost all day is not unemployed.

The idea that anyone who works online  is a deceiver or involved in some sort of fraud is an archaic mentality that must be discarded.

Many Nigerians work legitimately online and making it big. While some people complain about the exchange rate and how disastrous it can be. While some category of people appreciates ​​God because this same means put food in there table. A perfect example of another man’s food is the poison for another man.

While many Nigerians argue that Nigeria is not in recession or if it is the recession that has refused to leave Nigerians, these few Nigerians are focused on getting more bills and Benjamins

Are you tired of being bankrupt and broke?

I will show you a reliable way to earn money online that others are as well using to making cool money from. Of what essence will it be if I tell you all this and didn’t show you possible ways in which you can use to as well make money online.

Below are some important websites that if you follow them properly you will join the group of people who make money online.

Clickbank (Affiliate Marketing)

this is my specialty. You can participate in affiliate marketing simply by promoting business products. How do you get your money? Companies pay a commission when someone makes a purchase through the unique link that was provided.

If you have two hours a day and an Internet connection, you are ready to start. you do not need special skills to work here. In other words, everyone can participate in affiliate marketing. Once you have control, you start earning through affiliate marketing.


TopBuzz is an online site that publishes current news, viral videos, funny gifs and much more. The articles and videos published in TopBuzz are uploaded by third parties, like you and me, and the commissions are paid to the authors every time someone sees the article or the video.

Yes Simple, right? Hell No … This is not true! Well, ABSOLUTELY THIS IS TRUE lol!

You can earn more than $ 100-300 per day, depending on your intelligence and smartness.

How to register in TopBuzz and start earning from them

To register at TopBuZZ, visit you can signup with Facebook or Twitter to get the registration bonus (if you have a fan page on Facebook, you can probably get between $ 5 and $ 100).

Therefore, we recommend that you create your fan page on Facebook and build it. Select the payment option you want on the login page.

After a successful registration, click on Publish post and write your first shared article and relax while your money starts growing.

Working on Kindle

Amazon desktop publishing is one of the most profitable. If you have the opportunity to write, why not you make money with it? With Kindle you can publish your books for free and enjoy everyone’s sponsorship. You do not have to pay to register, nor are there any subscription fees. It’s free or even better, you can write at your leisure and still earn for life!


Yes, the freelance company continues to enrich the Nigerians. Fiverr is a profitable platform because you have the opportunity to work there.

Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance and independent services market for entrepreneurs individuals with skills to focus on growth and create a successful business at affordable costs.

At Fiverr you can market and sell your skills and earn money while you earn from your passion. There are many things you can do in Fiverr. Contrary to what you think, Fiverr is not just about writing. If you can edit video, audio or Photoshop or if you’re a tech expert, it means you are a good potential and advantage to work on Fiverr.

In the same way, if you can write articles and other types of writing, you should think about this. Whatever is your skill, you will find your market on Fiverr.

To be a part of fiverr, simply create an account, search for available opportunities and bid on them. You can earn up to $150 a day if you commit yourself to work and provide a quality services.

In Fiverr it is important to maintain a good reputation with others to get a good evaluation and review of people and get more opportunities for special offers.

If you have a skill and want to make money online, then Register with Fiverr and start earning money

First, visit the official Fiverr website at

Click Register Follow the procedure to create the first campaign


YouTube is a free video sharing site that makes viewing videos online. Videos are uploaded to this site and can be monetized and make money from it.

Many people over the years have large sum of money and millions who use this medium still make money from YouTube. The positive side of YouTube is that it is a Google site. Google will pay publishers who upload videos to YouTube through their channels.

Profits are paid once you reach the $100 threshold. In addition, you can earn more than $100 a day if you have a strong audience in your social network profiles. You can share this videos to your friends and other people to view your videos.

How you can upload videos to YouTube and earn from it.

Go to the official YouTube website at
Register with your Gmail email address. Click Create Channel and give your channel a name with the appropriate name of your choice.

Click the upload button and upload your first video. Get people to view your video and watch how you can use this as one of your streams of income.

To be successful as a vlogger you will require a huge audience, to subscribe to your channel and upload important and relevant videos.

OK let me give you this tip and secret to online business success or rather the secret behind every successful person or businesses is having a huge audience and followers and people that listing to you. If you can develop this and build a very strong reputation with your audience, making money online will turns so easy for you.

Finally, if you are a freelancer, employed full time in a large company, a housewife, mother, student or seeking for a job, there are several ways to make money online.

Above there are some useful websites, that can earn you money while you are at home.

Again, I repeat, Being broke and bankrupt is not bad, but to remain broke is absolutely wrong and bad. There are no excuses to remain broke.

This is why every Nigerian can easily benefit from these opportunities and exploit them. And the good thing about them is that they can immediately start exploring this opportunities.

Now it is over to you to become smart, intelligent with the information you get.

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