How to start a successful blog for profit – an easy guide to follow for beginners

A blog must be monetized in others to generate revenue. It has to be a successful blog with a growing number of subscribers to generate more and more income, and only then would you have a profitable blog.


You can own a blog and monetize it, but it is possible that you cannot generate money from it. Likewise you can generate income from your blog, but it cannot be enough only substantial and consistent income during a certain period of time will generate profits.


The fact is that anyone can start a blog with little or no capital, with the availability and variety of free tools, the way with which someone can start and have access to the audience, ensures that only the best will come out successful. The competition has never been this rigid and tough.


So In this beginners guide, we provide the simple steps necessary to start a blog for profit and at the end of this post am going to share a concise and comprehensive steps to follow in other for you to create your own blog and get it working so endeavor to go through this post to the end.


So without any further ado let’s get started…


Outline And What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction
  • Table of Content 
  • Setting up a blog
  • Generating income from your blog
  • Targeting readers/subscribers
  • Multi channel and cross-platform marketing strategies
  • become an influential blogger
  • Step by step guide to start your first blog
  • Summary


Setting Up Your Blog

How to set up a blog


You can completely design a website, which should be easy if you are a programmer, but if you have no experience in coding or designing websites, you should consider a content management system such as WordPress.


WordPress is free and is the most popular blog platform today. Its an open source software used by more than 100 million people and can be used for free using the WordPress platform or you can host it on your own. You can as well opt for shared hosting or dedicated hosting.


You could have your own server and configure it to host a site if you know the technical details. The best option is to use WordPress as your content management system together with any shared hosting plan. More on that later. You can also move to use a dedicated hosting in the future if you earn more money because it is much more expensive than shared hosting.


Starting with WordPress is quite easy. You can download WordPress directly from the official website and start building your blog, using simple there guidelines. Or you can choose a webhost that supports WordPress.


Here you can create your blog from the website builder offered by the webhost. Even if you pay for the shared hosting plan, WordPress will remain free. If you do not want to pay for hosting, choose WordPress directly and use the free hosting platform. This has its limitations in terms of bandwidth, storage space and site functions, but it can maintain your initial investment. You need to have that in mind.



The following steps illustrate how you would start a WordPress blog with a webhost


  • Choose a web host and a shared hosting plan.

Go to the web hosting provider’s website and sign up for the plan. Here I recommend and This blog is hosted on namecheap.


Enter all the requested information, get a domain name if you do not have one and make the payment to access your exclusive control panel. Most web servers offer a free domain name with a shared hosting plan.


  • Set up your account

choose your password, your desired functions and futures and go to the Site Builder section. Then next is to install WordPress, look for the WordPress icon. There are many options in the script list, such as Backup, Utilities and Blog. You will find WordPress in the Blog section.

Click on it, continue as you will be redirected to the installation page and then install it.


  • Use your domain name and setup your WordPress site

The blog is empty at this stage. You should work on the design, the layout, the features, including the plugins and everything, from the font to the unique elements of your blog. Do not worry, because there are drag and drop options in WordPress and from most of the web hosts you can use to create your blog. You don’t need to write a single line of code.


creating a successful  blog is about hard work and consistency. Keep posting helpful and engaging content, optimizing it for SEO and sharing it with your networks and you will soon see your new blog start to blossom.


Generate Income From Your Blog

how to generate income for your blog

You can use your blog as paid blogs. There are companies and people who want to promote their products, services or what they’ve got. They would normally pay a price for each blog post. You can follow this path or write about what really matters to you and think about generating revenue through blogging with advertisements.


You can consider affiliate marketing, which is essentially blogging to promote and endorse certain products or services. When the targeted audience or its readers see the message and click on the links then redirects them to the official pages of those products or services, while you getting paid.


There are programs paying you for each user who clicks on those links. Other programs pay a good commission if users subscribe to the service or buy the product after they have been redirected from your blog.


There are some essential elements you need to start a blog for profit.

  • You need to attain popularity

You cannot make money if your blog does not have a specific audience. You need a loyal audience that will keep engaging and returning to your blog keeping watch to the new content you upload.


Your blog must be popular and clearly would have a targeted audience. Your target audience should not search for something and then go to your blog, they should follow your blog.


It is not necessary for all those readers to become subscribers or commentators. As long as they follow your blog and visit it repeatedly, you can generate income from the blog with that. An unpopular blog without content may contain adverts and links, but it cannot generate any income with it.


  • You need constant traffic

This will pave the way for advertising, paid content and promotions that allow you to make money from your blog. Without traffic, it’s useless to run ads or create new content and share them.


There are many ways to make money with your blog. You can offer free content to attract  audience and offer exclusive or academic content for those who want more information and are willing to pay for a subscription fee.


You can simply use readership and receive payments through advertising, affiliate marketing links, sponsored banners and all kinds of products and services on your web page or your blog.


You need a strategy that allows you to target your niche readers and at the same time monetize each of the space available in your blog. From banner ads to sponsored publications, affiliate links to promoted content, pay-per-click ads to paid promotional publications. You will have to consider all areas to monetize your blog.


Targeting Readers/Subscribers

Targeting your readers and subscribers

Every blogger can start by notifying their friends and family to subscribe to his or her blog.  Sharing few of your posts to get them start following your blog. but have it in mind that it is not everyone  that will be able to read all of your publications.


No one can use their personal and social contacts to obtain the thousands of readers needed to make a profitable blog. You have to target a thousand subscribers or readers, then two thousand and five thousand until you can grow enough to become a formidable and influential blogger.


First let’s see how we should facilitate the signing up or following of new subscribers and readers to your blog

  • Social media plugins must be available to allow direct tracking, liking and sharing

There should be opt in sections where readers can enter their email address and register to receive updates from your blog newsletters or emails and other types of communication.


Aside from RSS feeds and other obvious plugins, you should have a simple pop-up notification that asks the reader or visitor who wishes to receive notifications from your blog.

This can be done in a traditional browser, mobile browser or through social networks, media and applications.


  • Always have a call to action on most of your web page

Many bloggers choose standard action calls, which suggests that they share the post, or that they like it, post comments or see other posts. Although they are acceptable, you must think of unique calls to action for yourself.


Organize opinion polls, make sure people agree or disagree, encourage readers to write counterpoints so they can continue the discussion. Each blog post can be of an advantage to you, provided you have enough material to start a conversation and subsequent engagement with a wider audience.

A blog post that does not generate traction is a waste of space and effort.


  • Encourage your followers the more

Offer something to your new readers, so they tend to follow it or become a subscriber. Give something precious, which can be a very important or an insider knowledge that they will want to get there hands on it so that they continue following you and reading what you publish this is how you build trust and strong relationship with them.


Nowadays, there are not many people interested in continuing to follow, unless they are rewarded in one way or another. Use social network profiles and presence in multiple social networks to get more readers or subscribers.


These are some of the most important factors that will affect your blog readership

  • Your blog should stand out

You need an awesome design, having all the  impressive features in place. You need all the functions you need, from the integration of social networks to relevant plugins.

The core of the design should be your theme, a theme that impresses your target audience. Be unique in the most varied way possible, see blogs like the ones you are trying to create and find out what works for them and what does not.


  • Nothing is more important than the content

If you have the most interesting content in your niche, it does not matter how popular you are or how excellent the design of your blog is. People will read the piece. But you cannot always have such valuable and incomparable content.


That is why you should focus on the quality of the content throughout the time. Remember why you are blogging and why someone should read your blog.

This alone should take you to the type of content you should work on. Focus on post originality, use your voice The personality of a blogger is the best weapon to make each content unique.


  • After the content and design next comes marketing.

No blogger can survive today just by being a writer, a photographer, a video operator or a filmmaker, a painter, a graphic artist, a chef, a fashion enthusiast, a lover of gadgets or even a satirist . You have to promote the blog and yourself.


The blog and the blogger are inseparable. They are a unique entity unless there are other bloggers in the same site. Use search engine optimization, target keywords and have a specific targeted audience.

The target group can be people of a certain age, sex, socioeconomic background and a certain type of intellect or a large number of interests. The target group may be limited to a city, district, neighborhood.


  • Multichannel and cross-platform marketing strategies are required

Use other popular blogs for guest posting. Make the presence of your blog tangible in all the most popular social networks. Get an entry in each directory of relevant blogs.

Use email marketing, live events, podcast, depending on the type of blog you plan and produces videos to emphasize inspiring content.


Become An Influential Blogger

Influential Blogger

Regardless of what you do, your traffic will fluctuate. No matter how much you work and how much you think, you will get content that does not reach 100,000 readers. Only some of the posts in your blog will become viral, maybe only some in a year. This alone would be enough to show you to the world, but the range will decrease from time to time.


The only way to guarantee a sustainable benefit is when it provides a bottom line. Say a thousand visits in a specific blog post will activate the commission of a pay per view ad that is placed at the top of the post.


The only way to always get the minimum traffic, which can be one thousand or fifty thousand, depending on the nature of your blog, is to become an influential blogger. You may have seen them on social networks. Maybe you are following some.


These influencers are experts in their niche, from politics to food, from sports to music, from architecture to history, from pop culture to spirituality, from business and investment to education and others.


These influencers are opinion leaders. In some cases they have millions of followers and in most cases hundreds of thousands of followers. A tweet or message from them and reaches all those who follow these personalities.


This is what you must do to become a blogger of influence

  • Be a great writer if you are not a photographer, videographer or designer

Anyone who can use images or videos and have a blog that revolves around the visual experience does not depend on the words. All other bloggers have only words, from those who write about current affairs to those who reviewing restaurants in a city.


The quality of writing has decreased in recent years. Blog does not rant anymore. It’s not just writing what you want, the way you want. If you want to be a famous blogger, you must be a writing expert. Writing is both craftsmanship and art. You need to be at least very competent in the language in which you are writing.


It is not necessary to have a degree in literature or journalism to become a great blogger. You just have to be a good writer, regardless of your academic qualification.

Write about the problems that will get attention. You can choose popular topics that you can get from current affairs or pop culture. You can write about politics, movies, music, technology or anything that can seduce those readers.


Do not write about a topic that probably does not produce an opinion. Perhaps you are interested in medieval art, but not many share this interest. You can write a beautiful piece about the Italian Renaissance and have very few views.


You can search for any niche you want, but be sure to entice your audience. You must have a target audience for your blog, but it should not be a small part of the people. This will not make you famous. You have to get to the crowd if you really want to become famous or become an influence.

More importantly, you need a large audience if you want to monetize your blog and generate substantial profits this is one thing you must have in mind from this post.


Even if you didn’t get anything from this post, one thing you need to have at the back of your mind if you want to become an influential blogger is to have large followers. This is the key to any successful person, be it a blogger, a teacher a business man a priest etc.


  • Be originally controversial

Have an opinion that may not meet the norms and present your opinion without offending anyone or been offensive.

The goal is to make people talk, sit up and notice, to get them click and read your publication, having engagement with the audience, starting a discussion, participating in the interaction to keep up the conversion and activity and this is the way to become a factor of influence.


  • Develop a personality as a blogger

This can be a natural extension of who you are in real life, or you can create a certain style and image as a blogger. It is this personality that people will follow, like and talk about.


Step By Step Guide To Start Your First Blog

In a nutshell below are the important steps to follow to create your own blog successfully as I promised at the beginning of this post. This is a simple and concise guide you should follow in other to create your first blog


How to start you first blog post

  1. Pick a suitable domain name
  2. Purchase a hosting package
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Learn your way around the WordPress editor (you can download videos from youtube, very helpful)
  5. Put up an “An under construction notice”

To do that just download this plugin  You can also include a link that can direct your visitors to Twitter or Facebook so that they can have an alternate way of getting in touch with you when you are ready to lunch your blog.

6. Choose a theme

7. Create a header for your blog

You can ask your favorite graphic designer or click here to contact me for a professional graphics design service. You can as well create something yourself with Canva.

8. Write your pages


Here are some basic pages you may want to create:

About page: The about page is one of the most viewed and visited pages on blogs, so you dont want to overlook it. Include a brief bio of yourself, and explain why you are blogging and why you can be of help to them.


Contact page: You want your readers to get in touch with you, Then you will need a contact page to do that.


Portfolio page: This is your blog, so use it to show what you’ve got. Show your readers that you deserve their time and attention with examples of the work you have done in the past and in present.


Start here page: You actually won’t need this as a starter but a start here page is good to put up in your blog. It’s a medium to show your mission and direct your readers to your best work as well as giving them a direction on how to navigate through your blog this comes in handy once you have a decent amount of content, so that your readers can see the value of your blog.


Work with me page: If you are using your blog to sell your services, this page is important. Be clear about how you will be able to help people and how they can get to reach you.


9. Install plugins:

Here are list of some important plugins

Better Click to Tweet : make your readers to share your content by adding a click-to-tweet  within your posts. this plugin will makes it easy.


Contact Form 7 : If you dont want to be putting your email address on your contact page, you can use this contact form plugin to make that possible. Its simple and easy to use.


WP Google Analytics : This plugin can be used to tracks the visitors coming to your site so you can be able to see what people are interested in what they are doing and how they are finding your blog.


WP Super Cache : Is Another plugin that is important. Caching will allow your blog to load faster pleasing both your readers and Google.


Yoast SEO: This is all in one SEO plugin that helps you optimize your posts so that you can get more organic traffic from search engines.


10.  Install widgets

If your blog is going to have a side bar, you might want to add up a few widgets which are small boxes with different functions.


Here are some ideas for you:

About box: You have probably seen this on some blogs, it’s a box that appear in the upper right hand corner of your blog welcoming you to the site


Social media icons: Makes it easy for your readers to follow you on social media.


11. Purchase backup software

Do not look over this important step just because you don’t have any content yet, It’s better to install a backup software early than to start blogging and not remembering it until it’s too late.


12. Your email list

Building and email list from the onset is very important step that you most follow in creating a profitable site. Even if you don’t have anything to send, just  collect email addresses. The best way to make people to sign up to your email is by offering a free ebook or any other resource.


13. Write! Start building your content

Plan out your content strategy


Below is how you can write great blog posts:


  1. Make your posts somewhere between 500-1500 words. Less is too short.
  2. Always pick a category when publishing. No post should be “uncategorized.”
  3. Make use of featured images.
  4. Don’t get hooked on trying to be perfect be yourself.
  5. Think about the keyword to (topic) and how it is related the article you are writing.


14. Promote your blog:

guest blogging and social media is one of the best ways to promote your blog. Sharing, commenting and having interaction with other bloggers and making them to return the favour back to you.



To become successful with your blog you must;

. Become an authority

. Build your audience

. Your offer or product

This is what makes a blog to be profitable.

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