How To Make Quick Cash In Nigeria Even If You Are Dead Broke

I have an inspiring message to pass across to you today. As a continuation to my previous post.

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The most important thing you need to do in other to grow your income as a Nigerian isn’t savings or starting a business.

Savings and starting a business are important activities but both won’t work if you don’t…

GET RID of the stubborn poverty mindset, fear and procrastination that has

been programmed into you over the years.


The poverty mindset, fear and procrastination is your major and silent enemy that keeps dragging you down.

Once you have gotten over that mentality and start filling your mind with positive mindset and believing in what you can do, you can go ahead and read the rest of this post.


That is one challenge that is going to affect you after going through this post, and I had to deal with that in other to set you on the right track.

So without any further ado let’s get started….

Outline and what you will learn:

  • Discovering The Power Of Selling Packaged Information
  • Case Studies On Information Marketing in Nigeria
  • Amazing Secrets of Warp Speed information Product Creation in Nigeria
  • What to do when there is nothing to sell
  • How to re brand old ideas that worked
  • Reason to keep Everything
  • How to create a product from around you
  • Practice and experience
  • Why you should not dismiss anything
  • How to Re Branding An Idea or Concept to a More Targeted Audience
  • Coming up With Your Own Unique Concept
  • Discovering The Power Of Selling Packaged Information

Discovering The Power Of Selling Packaged Information

As you can see from the previous post, you can only make quick cash in Nigeria as well as in anywhere you find yourself if you have something that you are selling.

It can be a service or a product.

Read my previous post: Act to financial freedom

However, from my experience and that of other successful online marketers in Nigeria and beyond,


I have discovered that it’s a lot easier to jump from being broke to making quick lots of cash by selling packaged information.

We call it Infoprenuering or Information Marketing.

This type of money-making is very simple and easy.

Okay, let me explain.


You see, there must be something you know that other people would like to get from you.

Maybe you are good in mathematics, physics, dancing, singing, talking, helping, writing, counseling, etc.

In fact, the list is endless.


Do you know that lots of parents would like their children to excel in those courses? Do, you now that many people are dying to have such information.

Why not package an eBook on that particular problem and sell to them for outrageous profit.

Take for instance, women love to look good.


Do you know how to make women look good? Do you know how a woman can lose weight? Do you know how she can be in good shape and attractive?

If you know that, why not write an eBook on that, package it and advertise it on social media or Heart magazine?

I bet you, if you sell just 10 copies at N5,000 each, you have made N50,000. This could be from just 1week advert.

Repeat the advert for 1month (i.e. 4weeks) and you have made N200,000 from little investment.

Okay, i guess what you might be saying now,


you don’t have capital for advertising on social media, news papers and magazines.

Then why not use the online forums. I started mine at and


The first time I started this business, I made N6,500 the first day and N39,000 profit that particular month. I couldn’t believe it. A fresh starter like me.

When I was hearing about information marketing, I thought it was full of hype until I made some dough out of it. That inspired me to use every arsenal to brand myself for more sales and I have not being disappointed.

wealth information tips (selling information)

In fact, most of my sales are done through online forums. I made sure I branded myself to the extent that I don’t even need to post again on forums but I will be making sales day-in, day-out without lifting a finger.


So, right now you can go to any of these forums below and join as a member. just to mention but few.


There are other forums. You can get them by typing “Nigeria Forums” on search bar and hit Enter button.

It is important and I will keep saying it. Your best tool for any internet business is to own a blog site.

It makes you stand out and more professional.

Similar: how to open a blog

I have discussed about this if you are subscribed to my newsletter. If you haven’t, make sure you do that by submitting your details in the subscription form on my website. You will be glad you did.


click this link to Subscribe to my blog

Please, when you become a member in any of these forums, create a signature file for yourself. For example, I guess you have seen a signature file that looks like the one below:


Mr peter Uche (The information expert) Do You Want To Open and Verify A PayPal Account As A Non-US Resident? If yes, then visit this blog:


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 Do you know what I did above? It’s a secret that I know about very well that most so-called Info Marketing Gurus doesn’t do.

This particular secret brought me N7,500 in less few hours after commenting on someone’s post.

Okay, let me tell you the secret.


You see, whenever someone view my postings, he/she may click on any of the links above and read what I have there. It didn’t stop there.

If someone is searching for how to open a PayPal account on, there is a great tendency that one of my postings on the forums will appear because of the signature file. Can you get the idea?

whenever someone search on the internet, my postings and name will come up. And this forums are ranking top on google search engine. Boy, this is the secret. It’s a well-thought-out strategy that I’m using very well.


This idea has earned me lots of cash without doing any expensive advert on newspapers and magazines.

I do hope you are getting the gist. So, discover what people are dying to learn or have, work out the solution, package it and sell it to them at an affordable price.

Please, don’t forget to pocket your profit. What do you need to start off?

You just need your bank account (sms alerts enabled), email address and GSM phone number.

Before going further, let me give you some case studies that will squeeze out the creative juice in you.



Case Studies On Information Marketing in Nigeria

Case Study 1

Before the last Valentine’s Day, a smart Nigerian just went to and did a post there.

He asked all interested ladies that want to go out on Valentine’s day with a guy to send in their full names, email addresses, nice pictures, phone numbers and a brief profile to his email address.

Before you know it, he got lots of response.

What did he do next?

He rushed to a national newspaper and did a classified ad asking interested guys who wish to go out with a girl on Valentine’s day to pay N2,000 for a girl’s profile.


Do you know that within 4 days, 40 guys paid him N2,000 each? He made N80,000 in just 4 days.

Can you see that?


Another Case Study On How to Make Quick Cash in Nigeria From Information Marketing

Case Study 2

There was one advert on a newspaper. That advert made N450,000 in less than 30 days. How did I know?

Read below to know what really happened.

The owner researched out 300 companies in China that wanted sales representatives in Nigeria.

He packaged it and was selling each contact N1,500. Within two weeks, he sold 194 contacts and the rest in less than 14 days. That’s a whooping N450,000 in less than 30 days.


Case Study 3

A friend, travelled to the village to enjoy the Yuletide. He wanted to use the opportunity to re-collect himself. So, he wasn’t doing anything on the internet even though he had access right from his village.

 He wanted to do a deep study and enjoy village fresh air (and perhaps some fresh palm wine.)

But, did you know that it didn’t happen as he planned?

He made a profit (not revenue but pure profit) of about N55,000 without lifting a finger.


New and old clients were paying for a marketers products when bank services are skeletal. In fact, he transacted a business with someone in Lagos where he paid him in Naira and he bought a product for him using his PayPal account direct from his village.

Internet! Internet!! Internet!!!

I have never seen anything like it. Right in the village, products and services are viewed all over the world through the internet.

I believe you got the clue.

Amazing Secrets of Warp Speed information Product Creation in Nigeria

Let me give you a summary and hint on information product creation.

This is one of the most important sections of this post, if you really need to make quick cash selling information

We need to get your creative juices flowing right now allowing you to pull together ideas that will turn into full scale, viable, sellable and profitable products.

Don’t underestimate this, once you have this down, you’ll find yourself with a never ending flow of ideas and products to develop far into the future.

your only tools being your mind, and a blank piece of paper.

Here we go….


When You Have Nothing To Sell

The number one reaction when I suggest someone starts his or her own business, is

“but I don’t have anything to sell” or “I don’t know what to sell”.

Let’s set the wheel in motion and begin to solve this problem right now.


If you’re thinking that you lack imagination, or that you don’t have the ideas or the experience to create your own products, remember this,

Everyone that came before you, and everyone that will come after you will always create their first product with no experience what so ever.

You can do this too and it’ll make you more money than any flutter or big investment on leads or purchased ads or anything like that will.


Re-branding Old Ideas That Worked

Lets also look at the second important aspect of product creation.

Taking old ideas or previously non viable ideas and turning them into something sellable, something solid, reliable and profitable.

all from something that looked like a dead loss or impossible just a few months ago.


I will like you to make a point of not worrying about how many ideas you come up with, or the quality of your ideas, or time limits, and any other constraints.

We need to throw all this out of the window right now. Times and deadlines don’t exist all there is, is you, your mind, and this report getting your full concentration.

The longer that you spend within your target market, and looking at other peoples products, the more ideas you’ll be able to generate, because you’ll have more knowledge of what people want.


So don’t worry about only coming up with a few relating to your target market. After each product launch, your ideas will grow to such high numbers you won’t have enough time to carry each and everyone one of them out.


Keep Everything

One piece of important advice. Keep everything. Write everything down, every idea, every glimpse of a new product or service that might work.

If you haven’t done so already, create an ‘In Concept’ folder, and within this every time you get an idea, whether it’s viable, good, bad, strange, seemingly impossible or downright crazy, write it down.


Creating products in this way is an automatic reaction for many people and they don’t even realize it.

In fact it occurs so often in our everyday lives, and is so obvious this is why I think people miss it.

Have you ever been using a product or service, and found yourself saying ‘this would be so much easier if X product did Y action’.

How about being in a situation and creating something, or carrying out some task and said to yourself, ‘it would be so much easier if I had something that did this for me’?


Creating a Product From Around You

You can create a cash pulling information product which your family and friends grumble about to you because it doesn’t do its job, or it doesn’t do everything it could to make their life easier.

Ever heard people around you making statements or talking about this? You simply take the product, and add to it.


After all you’re a person, a potential customer, so is your family or friend that grumbled about not having the tools to do a job. If someone wants it, it immediately becomes a viable idea.

Everyone does this at some point or another through his or her business.


 Look at that super computer that you’d like to get your hands on.

Yours is ok,

why do you want a new one? Because it’s better, because it makes your life easier, solves your problems and does something that previous one didn’t.

How about cell phones? The standard brick phones as I call them that we used to use when cell phones first came about.

They were ok, right?

 so why get a new one?

Because they’re more comfortable, the technology is advanced, the new ideas and features solve your problems and help you do something you couldn’t do before, or in an easier way, or more quickly.


Start to look around you, and if you’ve ever seen an original concept taken by one business, and majorly improved upon by another business, you can see the effect of this method.

what I am showing you is if it exists, it can be improved, altered to target a different market, have features added, improved or taken away to provide an answer for the ‘I wish product X did this as well’.


Practice and Experience

Practice and experience is going to make this easier, so for the rest of the week, I want you to look at things in a new light.

Don’t go looking for things or try and come up with new products, just go about your daily business,

using the tools you normally use and watch out for those thoughts of wishing something was added, or done differently.


Ignore the fact that it’s not in your target market, ignore any costs or any problems involved with producing the product,

ignore the fact that you’re not interested in that market, because when you start mixing with your own market again and have learned to think this way, things will start to happen automatically that do relate to your target market.


Don’t Dismiss Anything

Here’s why. Back when I first started online marketing, I had so many ideas and hopes for the future.

I wrote them all down and didn’t dismiss them because my current situation couldn’t turn them into reality.

Some years later, here I am working on them. What would have happened if I’d ditched those ideas?

Who knows how many tens of thousands of dollars I wouldn’t have earned by dismissing an idea so early.

Rebranding An Idea or Concept to a More Targetted Audience

Taking a product, and changing it in such a way that the underlying product hasn’t changed, but it’s aimed at a completely different market.

This time, rather than improving the product, you’re evolving it.

Let’s look at a real world example.


Alcohol is a good one.

It used to be all beers and spirits aimed at the older pub drinkers. Not long ago, the drinks industry started releasing a different kind of alcohol,

the alco-pop. Brightly colored, marketed as fashionable,

and sold to a much younger audience, and it became massively big business, as you can see shelves are stacked full of sweet tasting, vibrant colored drinks nowadays.

It’s still alcohol, but it’s been taken, evolved (not necessarily improved), and aimed at a completely different market.

Ignoring the ethics of the whole alcohol for youngsters for now, it’s just the example and demonstration we want to look at.


How about computer processors and computer peripherals?

components are out there that sell very well that aren’t tailored to the mass market, but for developers and high end users only.

It’s still the same peripheral, but it’s been both improved and nichified so to speak.


So you see, niches aren’t all about targeting a smaller market. especially with the first example,

you can target huge new markets just by changing the way the product is marketed as a whole.


Coming up With Your Own Unique Concept

The most exciting of all, and that’s coming up with your own totally one hundred percent original idea for a product or service.

This one still escapes me, but it doesn’t mean it has to escape you.


It’s the ultimate hardest of the hard, doing a simple search on google so see if it exists already, and already finding it does isn’t such a rare thing.

It’s not unrealistic or irrelevant for me to tell you about this however, because there are of course people out there that have done it.

Pioneers of band new concepts or products.

I remember reading an article on a mother that came up with a brand new and innovative solution for baby feeding.

Today it’s being sold all over the world and the idea is all hers,

so modern innovation and pioneering creations are possible, if you end up with one of them, I salute you!


Get a patent. If you’ve been inspired, and this report has hit you hard and sparked your imagination,

go create.

Always have this method in the back of your mind, and take note when you wish something would do something it doesn’t do.

When you get an idea, stop, drop everything, don’t think, don’t dismiss, don’t say but I can’t because of “Insert problem here”

just write it down and keep it, otherwise you will forget, and you will potentially lose tens of thousands of naira for each and every idea you don’t write down immediately.


Hope this article helped? If yes, please do me a favor and hit the share button below and spread the love.

To your success

Osi Smog (WIT)

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