Act to financial freedom – Open source secrets of famous entrepreneurs and business men success

In this write up, I want to help you change the way you think about making money especially online.

This piece is inspirational and motivational, and will activate your sleeping, creative, genius right inside of you so that by the time you finish reading it, the scales on your very eyes will drop-off.

Now, Do You Want To Make Money Online?

I know the answer inside your chest right now is “YES, Osi”.
Okay, how can you make money?

Let me answer that question for you. The answer to the question above has never changed ever since money was invented.

The secret of making money whether online or offline is revealed in this short sentence:

“Find out what people want and give it to them at a price” or “Look out for a PROBLEM lots of people are facing, research out the SOLUTION, package the solution and sell at a reasonable price to the same people who need the solution”.

In fact, you will agree with me that the economy of the world revolves around buying and selling. For money to exchange between two hands there must be a buying and a selling.

You doubt it, then ask yourself what the banks, oil companies, airlines,
manufacturing plants, online marketers like me, etc are doing to earn all the money they are using to chop life.

Is it not buying and selling?

The act to financial freedom

For money to come to you there must be an exchange of either goods
and/or services for money. Think about that! And the best part of it is that making money online is the easiest form of money making empire I have ever seen.

Check Out: how to make money online

With little or nothing but your ideas only, you can start today and in the next 12 months or less, you are dealing in hundreds of thousands (if not millions).

Do you doubt it?

Ok, you heard of,,,, before. I guess you have. then do you know that these online firms are multi-billion dollar empires?

You and I are using FaceBook everyday to chat our loneliness away. But,
do you know that this 33 year old guy who founded the online firm is worth more than $70 billion according to Forbes.

Now, go to this site: Do you know that the two young guys who developed that site sold it for $1.9billion to Google after nine months it took-off? They are still in the employ to manage the site effectively.

What of It’s the most capitalized entertainment company in the world – more capitalized than TimeWarner Company owner of CNN. is worth more than $7.67 Trillion.

Now, can you see that there is something these online firms are selling to the public? They are selling so many things like advertising to millions of people around the globe.

I believe you are beginning to see the secrets to wealth offer something valuable to lots of people at affordable price and you will never go broke.

And because the internet is being used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, you can get across to somebody in India, China, US, UK, Germany, etc with your products and/or services and Make your dough right from your kitchen table wearing only underwear’s. lol!

mean it. It’s real!

Okay, if you think you can escape from using the internet, then it’s better you stop living on planet earth.

Do you know the brains behind the use of internet? Do you understand that the internet had been in existence in the US for a very long time I mean in the 60s?


Internet evolution

American military and higher educational institutions were using the internet long before it became a global trend.

I want you to understand the psychology behind the internet. Ok, let’s roll!

Some years ago, because of the nuclear family system in the developed
world, they initiated the clubs. It’s an avenue to take away loneliness. With clubs came street violence, drugs, etc.

The same psychology invented the VHS, VCD and DVD machines. What they wanted to do is to remove violence from the street.

Osi, how do mean?

Okay, if you are watching one DVD plate, won’t it take almost 1-2weeks to finish it? You are now being entertained to the fullest right there in your living room.

With the internet, you can connect to your friends anywhere in the world, work full time online like me and collect your pay without stepping out.

Can you see the psychology behind all these inventions? They don’t want you to come out again and be a nuisance to the society.

So, you can see where the world is going to. Why not prepare yourself now to cash into the craze?

I don’t know about you, I’m already in.
However, for you to attract money, you must change the way you think
about money. In fact, you must change your mentality.


Change the way you think

In Nigeria today or elsewhere, we were taught by parents, society,
churches, mosques to go to school, study hard to earn good grades and
come out to look for jobs.

So, we are programmed right from our homes to think about how to get a better job and not how to create better jobs.

You can see the difference getting and creating. The two have different psychological make-up. Let me warn you, you can never be RICH by working for a company. Even the CEO/MD of InterContinental Bank Plc, Mr. Erastus Akingbola said it.


But you may say what of all those money bags in government offices? Let me tell you, they are bunch of thieves and they are really poor.

You don’t use the material things to measure a man’s exploits. You quantify him/her through his/her services to mankind.

Some of these money-bags cannot take risks with their money especially when they are knocked out by government.


Have you read or heard the analysis done by Guardian newspaper on ex-workers of Chevron? These guys live in Chevron houses, drive their cars, enjoy so many things totally FREE of charge.


But as soon as they are laid-off, they will die shortly after. Remember, they are paid millions while being laid-off. What are they doing with the millions they got?

What made them to die shortly after being laid-off? Answer: they can’t cope with the hustles and bustles of life. They can’t take risks like me and you with the millions they have in their hands.

So, can you say that such a person is RICH? He is not in my own understanding. As you can see, the first thing to do to make money is to change the way you think about money.

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Then, another important thing you should know is that being in business whether online or offline is the same thing as Farming.

A farmer is the most patient and faithful person in the world. He will first sow a seed. The seed will go into the fertile ground and die. But the farmer will still have faith that it will germinate.


The dead seed will sprout out from the ground and he will take care of it until it bears fruit.

Do you see everything you are doing in life like the farmer especially your business? If not, you will not build a Money-Making Empire.

All the corporations you are seeing today started with an IDEA. Somebody like me and you thought it out and started farming on the idea until it grew up and bore him large fruits.


The best idea (wealthinfotips)

What idea can you explore on the internet? Can it solve people’s problems? If yes, start farming on the idea. Who knows, you can be the
next Net Billionaire.

I keep saying that the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to
invest in your Spirit, Soul and Body. That makes you a balanced person.
Stop trying to have; start being.


Because when you must have become something useful, you will start having.
Buy good books written by great people and read. Then, ACT on the ideas or information you derived from them.

I recommend that you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The
Law Of Recognition by Mike Murdock, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert
Kiyosaki and so many others.


Reading books written by great people makes you to think like them. If I
want to enter into the world of Bill Gates what I will do is to buy his book and read. Before you know it, I will start thinking and acting like him.

Let me stop here in order to bring to you the money spinning business that can quickly change your status very soon if you are a smart-hard-working fellow.
I just wrote this piece to inspire and motivate you.

Committed to your success,
Osi smog

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  1. Nice motivational write up sir, very insightful and I enjoyed reading from beginning to end.

    I want to start internet blogging can you help and put me through on were and how to start

    1. Am glad the post was helpful to you, you can subscribe to my free online marketing course. you will find it at the right side bar of this post. Am sure you will get answer to what you look for.

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