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First of all, thank you for visiting the about section of this website Its a good thing that you wanted to check out and know more about this blog and the person behind the success of this blog


Wealthinfotips is a website dedicated to help anyone, bloggers, both beginners and experts, entrepreneurs or who ever that wishes to take their online career to a higher level.

our mission is to bring you quality and information rich tips and strategies, making it simpler and useful in other to increase your knowledge on what actually works.

I created this blog to share my own teachings, experience and give quality advice and tutorials to those who need it.


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About Wealthinfotips

Wealthinfotips is setup to help people find their perfect online business idea every day and regain their freedom, even if they do not have a business experience.


Let me tell you more about Wealthinfotips and how it can be of a help

Wealthinfotips is a website that focuses on  sharing high quality and resourceful wealthy  information, affiliate marketing, digital product creation, freelance services, online activities and location independent marketing.

If you are reading this page, you are likely to be working more than Sixty hours a week, and still not satisfied with not having enough money to pay your bills, much less to save or enjoy life.


You lack time to spend with your friends or family and as well things that gives you joy.

You know you need to find a profitable business online if you want to regain your freedom independently.

But with the lack of time, amount of information overload, Internet scam here and there and all the complicated information on the internet, you are fighting a tough battle.

And that’s where the WIT comes in:


WIT is here to help you find a profitable online business that is suitable for you.

provide the online marketing skills and knowledge necessary to manage a successful online business.

And as well eliminate all the misconceptions and noise so that you can avoid all those scams and unwanted products of low quality and get only a realistic and viable advice that works


So you can convert your new skills into a sustainable online income that gives you the ground to replace all those your day job.

And with the aim of you finally converting online marketing into your main source of income and the type of life which you have always dreamed of.


A life in which you have regained your freedom and achieved your independence.

A life in which you have built a profitable business that generates passive income.

It is a life in which you have more time to spend with your family and enjoy the things you enjoy in life as a hobby.



Look, I have to be open with you and let you know the truth. I will not give you any guarantees, because i have no idea what you will do with the information you get from this site, but

I believe that if you are willing to be real to your self, To work hard and smart, and to invest time and money to build your business and your perfect life, you can achieve it.

Especially with the advice, knowledge and training of Wealthinfotips as a guide.



I guess you are wandering how this is for you right? Good …

you and I have found internet marketing because we have wanted more time and freedom in life, right?

So, just like you, I am also here to make money, get more free time and live the life I have, always dreamed of.

And there is no reason why you and I can not work to achieve that goal and succeed together.

If we both earn money and restore our time, we are both a step towards absolute freedom.

Isn’t that good?

Then we gain our freedom and build the life of our dreams.

This is a head up for you….


Despite the word “wealtinfo” in the title, there are no easy methods to make money quick or schemes full of quick opportunities to be found here. Or any blackhat or short term spam techniques.

That does not exist here!

WIT has made things as simple and easy to understand as possible for everyone, regardless of their level.

This site is all about helping you with quality information to create sustainable, and long term successful business with which you can earn money today and for many years.

Otherwise, what is the point creating this blog?


And this is business despite being online.

Therefore, it should be treated as a business with investments of your time, money and dedication.

There are no easy paths to success, therefore, be realistic, as this requires time and investment for you.

I prefer to be realistic with you instead of giving your false hope of wealth on the internet over night.

Are you still happy to be here?

Well then keep reading …


So, why this blog?

There is a lot of scarce and limited information in the world of internet marketing and many people who promote everything that will make them cash.

I want to try something else where people can find reliable advice for things that works.


In addition, I have the aim to provide in WIT very interesting information, content and ideas that I think will benefit new comers and marketers.

If you are new to the world of online marketing, I know you will find many good tips here. Even if you are not newbie, you will find many useful stuffs here.



Who is this Osi Smog?

My name is Osi Smog Maduka am the Founder of Wealthinfotips, In my former life I had ups and downs in so many other business and commercial activities without skills or experience but who is now an independent online business owner.


I am a professional graphics designer and a digital marketer, a graduate of Computer Science Imo State University.

I love blogging and an expert in graphics design and digital marketing.


I make research on the best, possible and legal way to enhance your lifestyle online, with resourceful wealthy information and other survival tips and making them available here on WIT.


I focus on using what works for me using it to help you with hope it works as well for you.

You can connect with me privately on my twitter page by clicking [HERE]

I am not a guru, neither are my a millionaire.


I do not have a villa or a luxury sports cars and I am not the type that takes false photos to make you believe I am the man.

I do not know everything and I do not claim anything.

What I have is more than 9 years of experience and exposure on the internet.


I have done many interesting things, some of which were a success and some which were total failures, working with different firms and more.


My brief online story …

Surfing the net was fun for me, those that know me personally can testify to that. My first adventure in managing a website was when I finished high school many years ago,


I created my first website under the muf.mobi platform where I shared, wrote and posted articles about free browsing tips, tricks and cheats and I created my first blog site which was hosted on blogger.com about 9 years ago, which is actually an online fantasy affiliate network.


I messed around with several groups, websites and forums for years, just for fun, but it never occurred to me that i could make money with it or turn it into a personal businesses.


Then I had to leave my website to continue and further my education. Finally, I lost interest in managing websites or forums and I didn’t explored it for a long time.

For years I have been working on private owned jobs and as well dreaming about traveling around the world and making money online, but I could not find anything other than the scam and some not decent ways to make money online.


I thought it was terrible to work in those small jobs, carry out tasks that a monkey had to do and be in a place where i did not want to be.

Finally, after a lot of research, I discovered content marketing and affiliate marketing, and have looked over it for years. In a few weeks I knew that this was the way to go.


It took a while to put up WIT as there was set backs and discouragements,  there were many ups and downs which all turned out to become an experience for me that I share with you.



I have participated in affiliate marketing, product creation, information marketing, email marketing, online investment opportunities, graphic design as part of my freelance services and more, Name it I have been into it in one way or the other.

Internet is one of my true passions in life and it is something that I have been obsessed with since childhood. I was lucky to grow with internet to take advantage of it from the first day.


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I will like to talk about business and I am happy to give my advice and as well look into any problems with the site, so contact me and lets chat….

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